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Essential oils roll on's

by Autumn Blu about a year ago in diy
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Let's talk about essential oils

Essential oils roll on's
Photo by Yixian Zhao on Unsplash

Essential oils seem to be all the rage now a days and understandably so. There are so many uses for them anything perfume, to lotions, soaps, candles and even in cooking specially when it comes to flavorings drinks like tea. Today I am going to be discussing just a few of more popular ones and different ways they can be used. As well as I am going to show you how you can make your own essential roll on bottles. Ok so let's dive into this by first going over just a few of the most popular ones.


Mint is extremely helpful for irritable bowel syndrome, nausea, headaches and a few other aliments'.

Mint can be used a topical as well such as relief from itching and muscle pain.


Eucaplyptus can be used for cough, as a cooling vapor it works wonders.

Eucalyptus is also used as a flavoring in drinks and baked goods.

Extremely effective as an inspect repellant specially when combined with Mint.


Lavander is widely used for perfume and aromatherapy purposes. It works wonders as a message oil as well.

Lavander has a very potent soothing and calming effect as well


Chamolie is widely known for it's calming, soothing effects and it pairs beautifully with lavander.


Sandalwood is widely used in perfumes as well as cosemetic purposes .

Sandalwood has other benefits as well such


Supports wound healing

Guard against skin cancer

Fights batceria


Rose oil is widely used in perfume and the ever popular Rose water.

Rose water can be made by steeping rose petals in boiling water.. This can in turn be used for just about anything from cosmetics, to cooking. The possiblities are endless.

Lemon Balm:

Lemon balm is most commonly used as flavoring and pairs wonderful with mint.

So there's your short guide to just a few of the more popular oils and their uses. There are so many more of course and the uses and benefits are endless.

Frankincense oil

Frankincense oil is widely known in some religious rituals. It's also widely used in Chinese medicine as well The Egyptians cleansed body cavities in the mummification process

It is used to relieve pain, remove blood stasis, promote blood circulation and treat deafness, stroke, locked jaw, and abnormalities in women's menstruation.

If you are new to essential oils please consult your doctor or an herbalists.

Now lets get into it. Let's start off with what you'll need.

1. Roll on bottle

( you can find these on amazon)

2. Essential oil of your choice

3. Small mini funnels (prevent spillage)

4. Crystal chips ( optional, adds nice decorative touch)

5 Base oil ( coconut, grapeseed, almond)

Now for the fun. Let's assemble these babies:

If your going to add the crystal chips it's better if you do this first. I normally take a small spoon and scoop some into my hand and pour them in tweezers will also just whatever your preference is.. I normally fill the bottle close to the top without over filling it.

Next I like to add whatever base oil, filling the bottle about half way. Then whatever oil(s) I picked I just sort of eyeball it till it's close to the top again without over filling. once that's done you can now put the roller in the bottle then place the cap on it and give a few turns to allow every thing to mix together. You don't really want to shake it per say.

Then there you have it your own essential roll on bottle. I usually like to let it set for at least a couple of hours before using and if I'm going to take it with me I like to have a little pouch to keep it in.


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