Earthing/Grounding may be beneficial regarding COVID-19

Something as simple as allowing your feet and or hands to touch the bare ground could make the biggest difference with the coronavirus pandemic.

Earthing/Grounding may be beneficial regarding COVID-19
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Americans have now just passed the mark of 200,000 dead from the coronavirus. People are weary of all the scientific jargon and conflicting evidence coming from the White House. What is desired and needed is a way to reduce the side effects of this dreaded disease and perhaps boost one's immune system to prevent it or shorten it's duration. Ther possible is something very simple that could make the biggest differnce. Earthing AKA Grounding takes place naturally when you walk barefooted on the ground. You must be outside as walking on the floor of your home will not be beneficial.

The way it works is that negative ions flow from the earth through your body and counter the harmful effects of positive ions emitted through electronic devices such as computers and cell phones. You do not have to wait to go for a walk on the beach as your own front or backyard will do quite nicely. According to The Internal Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, earthing and Grounding may have benefits for those who are infected by the coronavirus. This information does not in any way suggest that connecting to the earth can prevent COVID-19, but there is no evidence to indicate that it does not. We are heading into cooler weather, but that should not be a deterant. Use wisdom and limit your time when the temperatures are down, but you can still walk barefoot outside.

The sudden onset of this current viral pandemic has led to a situation in which health professionals are urgently desiring to find something that is “out of the box” that will end this crisis. Earthing, (electrically grounding your body to the Earth) is simple and free and just might make a difference. There have been numerous claims of natural remedies that will prevent and/or cure this pathogen. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been trying to root out unfounded and extravagant claims. In the meantime, the pandemic's sudden arrival has not given enough time to set up any large-scale clinical trials related to Grounding/Earthing.

There also has not been an ability to have this theory evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Critical thinkers reading this will ask how r Earthing?Grounding be recommended in the absence of the “gold standard” that consists of "randomized clinical trials and FDA certification". The reason is because there has been extensive feedback from those who use this natural method and revealed that Grounding/Earthing indeed makes a dramatic positive difference in situations related to respiratory distress. These include the flu, allergies, COPD, and severe asthma. Clinton Ober and HJames Oshman who authored this article report that a lawyer whose wife developed coronavirus symptoms used a grounding patch on her chest. She reported that it has greatly helped her.

The article states that numerous research studies have concluded that Grounding/Earthing "brings virtually all measurable physiological and biochemical properties toward balance". This is important because many who have been infected with the coronavirus report blood clots, and reduction in blood viscosity. Practically all cardiovascular disorders have been proven to be associated with elevated blood viscosity. Perhaps the great outdoors can improve many health issues, but the research ha sgot to confirm. Earthing/Grounding has been shown to normalize the day-night cortisol rhythm, which reduces stress. The article states that when your nighttime cortisol is higher than normal, it is difficult to sleep. Earthing/Grounding is all natural, simple, safe, and free of cost or side effects.

The best way to apply this method us to sit with your bare feet and/or bare hands placed directly on the bare earth or your lawn for 15-30 minutes. Walking barefoot when appropriate or touching a tree brings the same benefits. There is no magic bullet where COVID-19 is concerned but anything that suggests more time in nature is worth a try. The CDC is now saying that keeping a window open in homes and vehicles will cause air flow to continue. The coronavirus is said to spread faster where there is no venhilation. Shelterin in place can be stressful so going outside and taking off your shoes might be just what you need, whether it cures your ills or not.

Breathing fresh air is always preferable to stale, stangnat, indoor air. the Endocrinologists might just be on to something and if enough people try it we will know for sure. Studies over the decades have indicated that people who live close to wooded areas live longer and healthier than those who live in the city. Now we know the science of why. If you are not able to walk barefoot out of doors, there are Earthing/Grounding products that can be purchased. Before you place your hard earned money into such items, please by all means attempt to first do it the natural way.

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Cheryl E Preston
Cheryl E Preston
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