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Does a person's blood type have anything to do with personality?

by Gregory M. Whitehead 11 months ago in health
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The relationship between blood type and personality

Character determines fate, so what determines character? Many people will immediately answer: blood type! There are data sources for this. Experience has shown that people with blood type O or B are relatively stable and have affinity. This is an indispensable condition for senior sales personnel. No wonder many companies ask interview candidates to answer their blood type questions when hiring for certain positions!

There are no two leaves that are the same in the world, and everyone has a different personality. People of the same blood type really have similar personality traits and are even more suitable for a certain type of work? Is there really a correlation between personality and blood type?

Blood type personality theory

There is still a lack of evidence to support the century

The person who first proposed the "blood type personality theory" was the Japanese scholar Takeji Furukawa. Based on his daily observations and investigations, he put forward the thesis in 1927 that "people have different temperaments because of different blood types; the same blood type has common temperaments". Although at that time, Furukawa Takeji's views caused quite a stir in the society, the blood type personality theory did not cause a splash in the psychology community. After World War II, the study of the relationship between blood type and personality in Japan has been further developed. Representatives include Suzuki Yoshimasa and Nomi Masahiko. The opinions of these researchers are not the same, but they all correspond to the personality of the person and the blood type and divide the different personality types.

In the 1980s, the blood type personality theory was all the rage. After entering the 1990s, the blood type personality theory appeared on the Internet in large numbers and spread widely. But to date, researchers have not found any evidence that can be used to support the blood type personality theory.

Blood type classification to see red blood cell antigen

There are so many types that are far more than ABOs

As we all know, our human blood types are divided into A, B, O and AB. Then, what is the basis for determining their classification?

First of all, the so-called ABO blood type actually refers to the type of antigenic determinants on human red blood cells. Based on the antigens on the surface of the red blood cell membrane, it is divided into type A, type B, type AB and type O. In the blood of normal people, there is a certain antigen on the surface of red blood cells, and the corresponding antibody will exist in the serum (this antibody will not bind to the antigen on the surface of red blood cells). Once the antibody finds other antigens in the blood, the antibody will It quickly combines with it, causing blood clotting, which is life-threatening. This is the reason why blood transfusions between different blood types may cause blood transfusion accidents. In some people's blood, the expression of AB antigen is not obvious, so different AB subtypes are formed.

However, the ABO blood type is not the only blood type system. As of 2016, humans have discovered 346 red blood cell antigens and 36 corresponding blood type systems. It includes the Rh blood type that people often mention, and the Rh-negative blood type is an uncommon type in my country. There is also the Rh-null blood type. In the past 50 years, only 43 cases have been found worldwide, which is a rarer blood type.

The reasons for personality formation are extremely complex

How can blood type be determined?

First of all, personality is a relatively stable psychological state of personality, which is mainly manifested in the attitude and behavior towards reality, which is the main difference between individuals and others. The formation of personality is mainly affected by the three main factors of heredity, growth period and social environment. There are not only factors from the self, but also the influence of the external environment.

According to the analysis of psychology, people's personalities are generally divided into four types: bloody, depressive, bile, and mucous. Because of the influence of genetic factors, some people are born with a strong expression of emotions. This kind of personality belongs to blood. So we can say that genetic factors determine a person's personality to a certain extent. In addition, different living environments, specific events encountered in the process of growing up, etc., will also have a big impact on the shaping of a person's character.

Since the emergence of human beings, human blood types have begun to classify and evolve. With the changes in the living environment and the outbreak of diseases such as cholera and smallpox, their distribution continues to change. Blood types are like all kinds of creatures on the earth. They experience With cruel natural selection, it has taken hundreds of millions of years to evolve and change, and it is by no means used to predict our fate or predict the future. Combined with current research, there is no definite basis for the statement that "blood type determines personality". It is harmless to be used as an entertainment. It is unnecessary to use it as a determinant of work, study or even future destiny.


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