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Diet. Nutrition. Exercise.

by Kristen Chimack about a year ago in weight loss

Set me up for failure!

Diet. Nutrition. Exercise.
Amazingly delicious!

Diet. Nutrition. Exercise. Three words I honestly just don’t like.

Lifestyle change. Mindful eating. Active Living. Six words that sound nicer, but make me cringe.

All of those words were things I had done, or tried to do. I had failed at everyone of them... not once, not twice, but too many times to count.

In 2018, I decided I was ready to do something different. I needed to start from a place of power and positivity. I had to define a new way, one I hadn’t failed at countless times before.

The end of July 2018 I began my journey. One that would be long, would have highs and lows, would be fun at times, scary at times, and full of learnings. There would be new experiences, frustrations, choices, adjustments and celebrations. It wasn’t something I could fail at, because it was MY journey! How can you fail at your own journey?

Although I’m still in the middle of my journey, here are my top three learnings:

1. Take it One Decision at a Time

The journey can become overwhelming and feel like a hill that continues to get steeper. Make one decision at a time just like if you were climbing a mountain you would place one foot in front of the other.

With each decision ask, “What’s good for me and my goals in this moment?” One decision at a time, each building on the last, increasing your confidence and momentum for the next decision.

2. Small Wins Lead to Big Results

We live in a world of immediate gratification. A journey... isn’t immediate.

Learn to enjoy the highs, lows, twists and turns. Celebrate the 0.1 pounds lost the same as a five pound loss. Celebrate the 1.6 pounds gained the week of Thanksgiving the same as the two pound loss the week before. After all it was Thanksgiving and you are still down 0.4 for the two week period.

It’s a journey! My average weight loss over 13 months was 0.4 pounds a week. Some weeks early on a small loss like that would upset me, now I know those add up to 61.2 pounds. Today I celebrate losing, maintaining and even gaining, because I learn from each and move forward.

3. Perfection is NOT an Option nor Expected

Journeys are never without a bump or unexpected roadblock. On your journey do the best you can in each moment.

Sometimes on a stressful day the best thing to do is to eat a piece of the cake and love every minute of it. It’s okay... make the decision to enjoy it! No need to berate yourself for straying off course... enjoy it, learn from it and move to the next decision.

The decision to enjoy the cake is a stand alone decision, so don’t fall into the trap of “I blew it, so I might as well eat like there will be no more food on earth come midnight!”

You won’t be perfect on this journey. Accept that failure isn’t possible if you learn along the way.

I’m still on my journey. It has not been perfect. I’ve learned to accept it, be kind to myself and to celebrate the learnings and results along the way. But most importantly... I decide over and over again to enjoy the cake on my journey!

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Kristen Chimack
Kristen Chimack
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