Cry Baby

Your feelings are valid.

Cry Baby

Hey there readers! here with another bit of my brain to share. This time though, I will not be numbering my points. I just wanted to talk about crying.

It is normal. It is okay. It does not make a person weak.

Or a cry baby for that matter.

But if crying must be labelled a cry baby, so be it. Let us be a cry baby, no-one has room to judge. People cry for a number of reasons, being sad isn't the only reason people cry. Crying (in my humble opinion) is a healthy outlet, especially for people who are prone to destruction when holding shit in. any emotion we have can cause us to cry, its just what happens, no matter if you are angry, sad, happy, nervous, worried, nostalgic, confused, excited, frustrated...... the list of emotions just goes on.

It seems it is thunk that if you cry, you're weak. Maybe we were raised being told that (especially guys it seems), maybe we were told by one specific person that you shouldn't or have no reason to cry (as if they're the keeper of your emotions), maybe we were bullied for it, maybe you are called a cry baby so much you have had enough and then what do you do? Hold the emotions that need to be let out, in?

From my experience of holding things in rather than crying, much like most anyone else, I got angry. I mean so angry I'd go in a fit of rage or hurt myself or break things. I stopped doing that and just allowed myself to cry and feel. Crying can be odd feeling for some and a relief for others. Crying for me felt wrong and I hated it, I felt weak, like I shouldn't have been feeling the way I would feel. Truthfully it still feels odd from time to time. I just don't care anymore how odd it can feel, I don't care because I know when I am done crying my body will finally be relaxed and I will be able to feel more calm.

I have to remind some people in my life that it is okay to cry. It is not okay to judge someone or make a snide remark over someone crying, even if someone else crying makes you feel uncomfortable or annoyed. Crying is valid, your feelings.... are valid. It is so okay to feel the way you feel because if you defy those feelings then things could go in a different direction with your mind and emotions and that would really suck. We are all stuck in this societal standard that you must put on a mask and keep to yourself, that we must feel a certain way, that having and expressing feelings is a taboo thing. Society has some really stupid standards that a lot of us live by or follow because how will society think of us if we express certain emotion or cry or feel or don't abide by their stupid "rules".

fuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkk. society. and the standards in it. BE YOU. DO YOU. GO FEEL. HAVE EMOTIONS. CRY!!!!!!!!!

MEN that means YOU TOO. You men are taught or have been taught for decades that crying or being weak makes you less of a man, means you're too emotional for a man, a man shouldn't cry because it makes him look weak. Bull. So does that mean then, in that case, men are not human? Because they are. They are humans who have tear ducts that liquid is meant to spew from. Deny this as much as you please but your denial does not mean fact. it just means you either judge harshly or you are one who has been taught that its not okay for men to cry and have emotions too. Or maybe you were in a relationship in which the person you are or were with considers you weak or a cry baby and makes sure to tell you that any time they see you tear up or cry.

Oh no, we are humans with emotions that are valid and all humans do this but NOPE WE HAVE TO BURN ALL EMOTIONAL HUMANS emotions are the spawn of ?Satan!!!

That is how I take that. I think really people are just afraid of feeling feelings or seeing someone feel feelings, accepting any feelings is a hard pill to swallow but if we don't take that pill the pain will not get any better. We have to face things in order to take care of them.

So please, if you are reading this remind yourself: It is OKAY to cry... Really, take pride in those tears.

Besides, Flowers can't grow without a little water.


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Kay Williams
Kay Williams
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