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Crown Chakra and Inner Peace Crystals and Gemstones

by Leliel - Authentikei 2 years ago in spirituality

A list of crystals and gemstones for the crown chakra and inner peace

If you already know what the crown chakra is and you need a concise article that simply lists the crystals and their properties that will help balance your third eye, this the article for you. My source of reference is The Encyclopedia of Crystals by Judy Hall (2013).

Disclaimer: Though I advocate for crystal healing, I advocate for the advancements in medical science and psychiatric help. Do what you can to heal yourself, but know that these crystals are not a replacement for medicine or psychiatric advice.

  • Linked to: 7, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Chiron
  • Metaphysical Properties: Auric cleansing, embracing destiny, karmic links, portrays life plan of the soul, grounding, visions of past lives, helps contact with higher realities, integrating dualistic thought
  • Physical/Mental/Emotional Properties: Showing more unconditional love, helps with depression, decreases insomnia and stress, heals memory, helps one overcome fear, prevents the tendency to project negativity, compulsions, and obsessions, removes unwanted mental attachments, helps with decision-making and analysis

  • Linked to: 8, Taurus, Moon
  • Metaphysical Properties: angelic consciousness, anchors the light body in the earth vibration, good for scrying, protective and peaceful energy, increases frequency of other crystals and items through cleansing, heals etheric blueprint, heals past-life trauma to the physical and emotional level
  • Physical/Mental/Emotional Properties: decreases judgment and improves insight, makes one more flexible and less radical, stabilizes emotions, helps one further understand their subconscious, spinal column alignment, epilepsy

  • Linked to: 7, Aquarius, Pisces, Jupiter, Neptune
  • Metaphysical Properties: activates the higher chakras (third eye, crown, and beyond), opens a connection to interplanetary entities, decreases negative energy, multidimensional cellular healing
  • Physical/Mental/Emotional Properties: helps with psychological and physical pain, decision making, helps one confront emotions related to fear and rage, helps with hormones, metabolism, removing parasites, paranoia

  • Linked to: 11, Taurus, Libra, Venus
  • Metaphysical Properties: heightens vibration, helps with visualization and other metaphysical abilities, helps one deal with past life curses, a great energy conduit, helps one with automatic writing and telepathy, communication with interplanetary entities
  • Physical/Mental/Emotional: decreases stress and blood-related issues, removes subconscious programming, genetic healing, helps with tonsils (it helps with throat chakra issues as well)
  • Linked to: 4, Sun, Moon
  • Metaphysical Properties: helps with multidimensional levels of being, one of the best shamanic tools, powerful healing properties and amplifier, stores information about karma, enhances metaphysical properties, can channel positive and negative energy
  • Physical/Mental/Emotional Properties: cleansing, balances physical, mental, and emotional energy, identifies illnesses and heals various conditions (specifically helps the immune systems)
  • Linked to: 8, Gemini, Saturn
  • Metaphysical Properties: good for trance, ritual, or shamanic work, helps with meditation, helps activate kundalini energy,
  • Physical/Mental/Emotional Properties: boosts longevity and detoxification, helps one deal with mental and emotional, focuses healing energy, helps with calcium and magnesium absorption, diabetes and hypoglycemia
  • Fun fact: Serpentine used to be believed as a stone that warded against the venom of spiders, bees, and scorpions.

Thanks for reading.

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