COVID-19 Pandemic

How Could We Change to Make the World a Better Place?

COVID-19 Pandemic
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Air quality in several parts of the globe has improved drastically since the start of the pandemic. We’re also witnessing a decrease in deaths related to the toxic gases in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, it took a catastrophe for us to see the effects. What does this tell us regarding the way our world functions? We have to commence considering the truth about pollution and our impact on the earth. We can’t just go back to the approach things were and persist to destroy the planet as we have been doing up to the start of this pandemic. Yes, we’re here on Earth to transform the Earth into fresh creations but we can’t continue to exploit it the manner we do just for financial gain.

Has anyone come to grasp how much less we need to enjoy a simple life? Why all the consumerism? Always shopping for brand-new shoes, clothes, cars, etc. What about contention with just the necessities and recognizing having enough with less? We also have to realize that we won’t win against Mother Nature. We have to exist and act within the laws of the universe. Creating chaos and destruction isn’t the way to go if we expect to have a healthy and abundant future.

This season is to experience Mother Earth. Long walks, jogging, cycling but even better is gardening. Why not plant some organic herbs and vegetables this year? If you don’t have a backyard, you can grow some indoors. I want to be involved in all those activities because it brings me a lot of nurturing and I like to show that I respect and love the Earth.

We can notice the positive and the negative in this situation. Observing both as opposed to seeing just one or the other. We have to work with the good and the bad polarity and seek a balance anywhere in the middle. Now, humanity is having a big downfall but sometimes needed to jump higher. However, we can’t just continue the same way as before because we will only find ourselves tumbling again facing some further crisis.

Our economy is also crashing. We have to come together and build a fair new system, not just profit and gain. We have to help clean up the Earth to restore it to its natural evolutionary process without so much interference from people. The more we work within the laws of the universe the better the outcome will be for humanity.

No need for the same mistakes once more and over again. If we stop and look at the present and know where the challenges lie, we can arise together to opt for new choices. You have to understand that disease doesn’t happen because of faulty genetics. We deserve happiness. It’s the ecosystem that impacts our health and that is where the problems come from. By environment, I’m including mental (the way we’re taught to think), physical (the overconsumption and manipulation of resources), economical (injustice and corruption), political, etc.

Science has only taken us so far due to the traditional models which no longer stand. Strong evidence about our evolutionary process that we haven’t yet emerged from monkeys (as an example). We appeared on Earth 200,000 years ago. Darwin’s theory of evolution and the concept of “survival of the fittest,” doesn’t even work anymore. It did a few generations back. Because of it, we had wars and famine, injustice and lack of basic needs in parts of the world. We still do now, but the way all is becoming globalized we can help those in hardship--we’re collaborating.

(However, much room for improvement.) We have to look at serving together not against each other creating more separation and duality. Thankfully, some scientists are publicizing new truths. We can have a receptive mind and read into modern discoveries, listen to those who perceive and view things differently. We must consider them even if their thinking isn’t after the same patterns as generations back.

You can express your perspective. It matters. What steps can you take to change your life? How are you handling the crisis and where do you see yourself headed? Have you learned anything from this pandemic? Please share your comments and opinions by clicking here. I would love to hear them.


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