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Conquering the Gym

by Hannah Elliott 3 months ago in fitness

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Conquering the Gym

It can be scary your first few times walking into the gym. Many of the people I know say that they hate the gym because a) they have no idea what they are doing or if they are going it correctly, and b) they are worried that the people around them, namely the men who know what they are doing, are going to judge them. These are totally justifiable fears. I had them when I started working out. And this is how I got around them.

Get a strong idea of your workout. If you have a workout plan to follow that you had professionally made for you, Google what you don’t know, and watch videos of people doing the exercise. This will help so much as when you get to the gym you will have an idea of what you’re doing and not worry about looking stupid! If you don’t have a workout plan like that that’s okay too. You can easily just search for easy, simple workouts online or in magazines as well. Searching something like basic arm workouts will give you a great result list for things you can do. You can always ask a friend who workouts for help, go on Instagram and find things there, Google an online trainer that can make you a plan, or message me and I will gladly help with a starters plan for you!

Another great tip is to use either the preset weighted machines or the free weights (dumbbells). The machines tell you how to use them with pictures and instructions, they also tell you which body part you’re mainly working which is helpful!

Free weights is another great way to start. Though it can be intimidating 'cause a lot of the big muscle guys will be there. But typically they’ll stick to the side with the heavy weights. You should never be ashamed by the weight you use. I’ve been going to the gym off and on for 7 years now and I still use 5 lb weights for things. It’s about listening to your body. Free weights too is great because there are so many different options and exercises to choose from that no one will notice if you’re form isn’t perfect either. Sometimes too you meet a really nice person there who will actually give you pointers on how to improve.

People look scary but at the gym 90% of the people are just there to work out. They are not paying attention to what you’re doing—that’s the other thing to remember. Just start light on the weight and adjust accordingly as you go. If you can lift heavier than what you originally grabbed then by all means switch the weights. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes at the gym because I still do sometimes myself. All you can do is just a correct it and move on. One thing about the gym too that I have noticed and have had happen to me multiple times is that you get theses nice men or women who will actually come up to you and give you advice, or comment about a way to improve your form. It's not meant to like shame you in any way, but to help you so that you won't get hurt or see more results.

The biggest obstacle in regards to you going to the weight section of the gym is your own mind. Don’t worry too much about the little things because no one else will notice them but you. Just go there and do your best as all you’re supposed to do at the gym is try.

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