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Common Heart Conditions for Children

by ayonija das about a year ago in health
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Studies show that almost one in every 100 children may have a heart condition, which may be either a congenital heart disease that is present from birth or an acquired heart disease.

Studies show that almost one in every 100 children may have a heart condition, which may be either a congenital heart disease that is present from birth or an acquired heart disease. There are medical procedures and surgery which can treat the condition and make life normal for the child. By treating your child at the best pediatric cardiac surgery hospital in Mahim, your child can live a full life with no restrictions.

The list of common congenital heart conditions found in children

These are the common heart conditions that may be present from birth in a child:

1. 1. Anomalous coronary arteries:This condition is characterized by an abnormality in a coronary artery. The coronary arteries supplying the heart with bloodare not seen to arise from the aorta, which is their usual location. The child may display symptoms like chest pain or passing out.In rare cases, there may also be sudden death. Coronary arteries that come from an unusual location may require surgical reimplantation. If the blood flow to the heart is not at risk, surgery may not be needed

2. 2. Aortic Stenosis:In a child with this condition, a valve in your child’s heart is not formed properly and is very narrow or blocked. The heart has to work hard to pump the normal blood supply required by the body. The child may experience symptoms like a fast heartbeat, tiredness, dizziness, and shortness of breath. Cardiac catheterization by balloon valvotomy is one of the procedures done to treat aortic stenosis.

3. 3. Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD):In children with VSD, there is a hole in the wall separating the heart’s two lower chambers. When the hole is large, the child’s breathing will be faster and harder than other children. The lung blood vessels may also suffer permanent damage due to high pressure. If the child is very sick and has more than one VSD,an operation, called pulmonary artery banding, is needed to relieve pressure and decrease the symptoms. When the child is older and if the hole is large, open-heart surgery may be required to close it and prevent complications. Treating your child at the top Cardiology Center in Mahim will enable your child to have a normal and active life

4. 4. Tricuspid Atresia: This condition usually happens when the heart grows early in pregnancy, and the tricuspid valve does not develop normally. This prevents the blood flow from the heart’s right atrium to the right ventricle. This results in less flow to the lungs. The child will develop symptoms like bluish skin, fast breathing, feeding problems, and tiredness. The treatment for Tricuspid Atresia consists of medicine, surgery, along with cardiac catheterization to improve blood flow to the lungs. It will be advisable to treat your child at the top Cardiology Hospital in Mahim,which has experienced heart specialists

Some acquired heart conditions in children:

These are some heart conditions that are not present from birth and happen because of specific causes. These are some of the conditions:

1. 1. Dilated cardiomyopathy: In this condition, the heart muscles weaken, and the heart enlarges. It may be caused by several reasons but is most common after a viral infection that results in heart inflammation

2. 2. Endocarditis: Here, the heart’s inner lining or valves are infected by bacteria or other microorganisms. It is mostly seen in children who already have congenital defects

If your child has any of these heart conditions, you must visit Raheja Hospital, the top heart Care Hospital in Mahim. The experienced pediatric cardiologists at the hospital have the best success rate, using the most-advanced cardiological procedures to ensure children an active, healthy life.


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