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Climbing Towards the Sanity

by Sarmad Mayo 2 months ago in advice

Follow your Passion, not your paychecks

I have worked with a number of companies, organizations and made thousands of bucks from 9-5 jobs. I had worked with insurance companies, listening to a number of calls, either good or bad sounds, and telling people what you yourself don't believe in.

Telling the benefits of an insurance policy worth dying is better than living life. Waiting for your paychecks every month has made me stressed and conscious towards the matters of counting the total bucks and assembling them for hostel rent, and food charges of my hostel. These paychecks were enough for my livelihood but were not going to be worth my sanity

follow your Passion, not the paychecks that are even don't worth your sanity.

I have been working in a non-profit organization since 2017. It ahs my passion to work in non-profit companies. I have noticed that the pleasure of passion lies in no profit and "for-profit" can never replace it for me.

A always used to quote this statement in books snd blogs


The above-quoted phrase is my favorite dialogue when I am super frustrated with suffocation and I am unwilling to do the tasks that I love. Sometimes I prefer to follow the monthly paychecks that come into your pockets that fulfill your needs, but seriously limiting the needs may help you to keep your sanity stable. I have a real-life story of my friend Fawad, who was a waiter at a famous restaurant in Pakistan named Mr.Cod. HSe was making pretty handsome pocket money nearly $100 a month by doing 7 hours of work at eve. But seriously that was the toughest job that he has experienced to make a hundred bucks monthly.

Though your paychecks facilitate you to live a decent life fulfilling your daily and weekly requirements and them at the end of months only wrappers in your pockets. Ashamed to dream for your desires in the world of possibilities.

if you can't dream for the impossible in the possible world, you aren't developed enough to color your life with diamond beads.

You would probably be thinking can passion make money?

My answer would be more than enough that money as well. passion is what you perform doesn't feel you are tired. Passion is what keeps your sanity worthy and attracts you to do more. The more you work upon your passion, the more fruitful it would be for you.

Traveling is my passion, i's a passion itself.

Traveling has been my passion before the pandemic started in the world. I had decided to visit Azerbaijan, and Bali(Indonesia) which are my dreaming places to visit before I 25 age.

I have been a national vlogger of Pakistan. I have traveled all over the two provinces of Pakistan which bear the beauty of Pakistan. The two provinces are in the Northern Area of Pakistan that is meters above the Earth's surface. You will see mountains, rivers and beautiful valleys all around Naran, Muree, Muzafarabad, Gilgit Baltistan, and Chitral.

Over half a million visitors had visited Pakistan as a tourist before the pandemic started. This pandemic has ruined trips and tours all over the world. I personally have met a number of vloggers in Pakistan.

Satisfying your soul by following your passion makes your life happier and ensures more sanity in your life. Pursuing your passion makes you eager to work more to satisfy your blood vessels. This is what dopamine plays a crucial role in following your passion as well. Whjat you must know about how to grow the level of dopamine in your body in the article today

Activities that helps tp grow dopamine evel in your body includes enough sleep, listening music, exercising, and taking time outside in air or in sunny day. Dopamine is also called a "happy hormone", that is essentail for your body to live a hapy life. A sund mind needs a sound body to make your life more productive and cheerful.


Sarmad Mayo

I ama Young Millionaire and a Travel Vlogger

Hope To spemd a Good time with You

have a Good Day


Sarmad Mayo

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Sarmad Mayo
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