Celebrate yourself at any age

by Cheryl E Preston 24 days ago in aging

Never allow the opinion of others to keep you from having fun.

Celebrate yourself at any age
Fun in the sun

My husband and I are in our early 60's and we have learned something as we have aged. There are people who make crude jokes and share ugly meems about older adults, We have decided not to let any of that stop us from having fun. So what if you don't have a six pack and your wife's breasts are no longer perky. If you are living and breathing, you should celebrate life. What I am advocating is a to each his own attitude, Every adult has common sense and can look in a mirror. You know when something does not compliment you or is totally inappropriate.

I snapped the cover photo of my spouse and myself while we were on the ground at a local beach. He was asleep and had no idea. When he looked at it I did ask if it were OK to share and he said yes. My husband is conservative so it surprised me that he allowed me to share this image of him. Younger people often think aging adults are trying to stay young or pretend they are decades younger than they really are. Now that I am 62 I understand that this is not the case. Most people simply want to enjoy life without being forced to dress or act a certain way just because they have had a few more birthdays than others.

Actor Morgan Freeman continues to be active and he is in his mid 80s. His gray hair looks wonderful on him. My husband and I relish our fine lines and although neither of us is totally silver-haired we welcome it. Our hair turning gray is evidence that we are living, breathing, and aging. So let others laugh at our flaws, or say they would not have taken such a photo at this age. Everyone has a right to their opinion and that's what makes a balance in life. Some may say we look good for our ages and others might say cover up and act your age. What matters the most is how we feel because after all these are our bodies.

Our culture is geared towards the young and often casts away the young at heart. Yes, there are those who are in wheelchairs, using walkers, canes, and the hover rounds to travel in. Life does happen and not everyone ages in the same manner. Having said that, if you are in your 60s. 70s, 80s, or 90s, live your life the best that you can. Stan Lee continued to delight fans and make cameo's in his movies well into his 90's. His final appearance was in Avengers Endgame which was released one year after his 2018 death.

Stan Lee

Carmen dell is beautiful at 89 as of this writing. She is one of the oldest models in the world. Like Stan Lee, she continues in her craft and for many this is what keeps them feeling young. Carmen is an inspiration to women everywhere that life does not have to decline just because you have another birthday. Have fun and make every moment count' Let your significant other know that in your eyes he or she is still young and sexy.

89 year old model Carmen dell'orefice

Daphne Selfe is a model who has turned 90 and her long gray made is beautiful. There was a time when women were told to die their hair and also cut it short to look young. Selfe is living proof that you can keep your tresses long and look great at any age even when it is silver. Men used to loathe going bald, and would get out the Grecian formula when their hair began turning white. Today bald men are considered quite sexy and like Morgan Freeman, a lot of men love their gray hair.

Model Daphne Selfe

Different people will have varied opinions regarding growing older but my spouse and I embrace this part of life. If you the reader take anything away from this article please consider that aging adults are not the caricatures that you may see on social media. Images of false teeth flying, adult diapers and bad sexual jokes are quite disrespectful. I recall once that an 18 year old Miley Cyrus said she thought people stopped having sex at age 40. I don't know where she got that idea, but it's one of those false narratives.

It may be true that some older men and women may have some sexual challenged because of illness and or medications but I assure you that there are others who continue to make love with their partners. If the younger people live long enough they may one day realize they were wrong in all the stereotypes related to aging. My advice to older adults is to live life to the fullest. Snap a selfie or two of a fun activity as a reminder that age is nothing but a number.

Cheryl E Preston
Cheryl E Preston
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Cheryl E Preston

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