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Can You See a Difference?

by Fadia Samira 4 years ago in lifestyle

I honestly don't, and here's why. ❤

Hello, beautiful soul.

I'm about to share with you something really meaningful to me. Something I've realised in the past four years. Thank you for being an open-minded person. All I want is to have a chit-chat with you and maybe make you discover another way of seeing things.

I've always eaten meat. My whole family is carnivorous (omnivore) and I was the first weirdo to come up with the idea that maybe this isn't "right." Of course, they laughed. They also felt accused, attacked, and hurt. But why? All I wanted to do was stop eating dead animals, because this felt wrong to me.

Have you ever thought about it yourself? Why do we find it acceptable to kill animals to eat them while we "love" animals? Why do we absolutely adore dogs, cats, and all of our pets, while we eat cows, hens, pigs, turkeys, etc? This is truly a question to reflect on. I know this is a cultural thing. We do it because everybody else does it. Our family, friends, everybody has always done it.

But What If...?

But I believe that, at some point, we need to listen to our heart (yes, that sounds cheesy, I know, but hey that's true). What do I find acceptable, what is okay, and what's not? I let myself go my own way and seek "the truth." I watched every documentary about animal rights, and HOLY S*** that opened my eyes.

It felt weird. It felt wrong and I came to the conclusion that I wouldn't ever eat them again.

Cows, hens, pigs, cats, and dogs breathe, have a heart, eyes, and a central nervous system. They all feel the pain, fear, stress, happiness, love, and sadness. They feel it in a different way than we do, of course, but they feel it with the same intensity. Most people I know wouldn't hurt anybody and would protect their cats and dogs more than anything in life.

I personally believe that if slaughter houses were public and had glass walls instead of concrete ones, a lot more people would actually stop eating animals. Because we would see their suffering, we would see the violence, we would hear the screams.

We are naturally sensible and kind to animals. That's who we are. I think it's time to come back to our true nature. If we wouldn't want to kill a cow for dinner, why pay someone else to do it ? That's exactly what buying meat means. Ouch! I know that's rough to read. Yep, I know.

We always heard about proteins, about the food chain, and how we are supposed to eat them. But what if... that was not all true? The biggest food industry is the animal industry. They HAVE to make us believe that we need meat in our lives... But if you type "vegan athlete," "vegan bodybuilder," or make any researches on the benefits of going vegetarian or vegan, of course there will be some sources telling you that will die *hahaha*, but you may also find some truly inspiring and life changing stuff.


Yep, that's a vegan cheese burger I had two days ago. Yummm!

We can literally eat everything we are used to eat in a vegetarian or vegan option. I swear I eat pizza, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, wraps, sandwiches, bread, dessert, sausages, vegan chicken, vegan veal, ice cream, scrambled vegan eggs, vegan bacon, pasta, sushi, and all those goodies + all the healthy stuff like fruit and veggies, which are a true blessing of the earth. No suffering, just pure energy of water, sunshine, and soil.

I hope this may have made you see things a little differently, or just opened a new door for you. May there be happiness and light on your journey. Much love, my friends.

- Fadia Samira


Fadia Samira

Hey beautiful soul ! I am here to share with you anything related to animal rights, veganism, lifestyle, health, happiness, travel, love and self confidence. Let's make this world a better place. ❤

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Fadia Samira
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