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Can Stem Cell Therapy Help Cure Spinal Cord Injury?

by Priyanka jain 12 months ago in science

Spinal Cord injuries are the most critical of the injuries in medical science

Spinal Cord injuries are the most critical of the injuries in medical science. Presently, the post-accidental care of spinal cord injury patients focuses on extensive physical and occupational therapies. The therapy revolves around the concept of teaching the person to cope up with the disability. Stem Cell Therapy India is gaining the center stage for many incurable and complicated diseases and supports the feasibility of treating spinal cord injury with the allogeneic human umbilical cord and autologous bone marrow-derived stem cell.

Several clinical trials are examining human neural stem cells in spinal cord injuries. In these trials, the cells injected into the spinal cord with the help of that the cells help in re-establishing the connection between the neurons and create essential cells to support both old and new cells. What is spinal cord injury?

Spinal cord injury occurs when the spinal cord becomes damaged. The most common causes can be accidental falls, vehicle accidents, sporting accidents, or acts of violence.

According to a report from sciencedaily.com:

“Approximately 230,000 Americans suffer life-changing acute spinal cord injuries each year. These injuries lead to neurological compromise through an inflammatory response and cell death within the spinal cord. But stem cells are considered promising because they are self-renewing human cells that can differentiate into one or more specific cell types. Ideally, treatments for spinal cord injuries would limit existing cell death, stimulate growth from existing cells, and replace injured cells.”

Having said this, clinical trials are on the way to exploring the scope for the treatment of spinal injuries.

What is the treatment procedure?

The human umbilical cord issues are derived from the Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) that are kept isolated and grown in the laboratory to create master cell banks.

Is the treatment suitable for all types of patients?

The umbilical derived Mesenchymal cells are tested a thousand times before injecting into the patient’s body. The body’s immune system does not recognize the umbilical cord cells. The umbilical derived Mesenchymal cells differentiate more effectively than the older or existing cells. It is due to this fact, they are known as “potent”.

Inflammation and toxins are released by the damaged cells at the site of the spinal body often cause harm to surround cells. Continuous research is in the process to find out the therapy for reducing the inflammation and soak up toxins.

Why Stem Cell Therapy work for Spinal Cord Injury?

Mechanical trauma causes irreversible damage to the spinal cord. When axons in the central nervous system are injured, the regeneration is negligible. It leads to complete paralysis. Current treatment is restricted to therapies and high dose steroids to prevent cord edema with the reduced inflammatory response.

In regard to this, stem cell therapy emerges as a promising treatment for spinal cord injuries. The ability to regulate the immune system’s reaction towards the injury and to differentiate the cells based on the types that include neurons and astrocytes. How Stem Cells help spinal cord injuries?

Stem cells help in successfully replacing the damaged and lost neurons.

• Modulates the immune response

• Reduces inflammation

• Protects neurons

• Speeds up the wound healing process

• Provide a cell-based relay between the cells

• Angiogenesis with more blood supply

• Limits secondary injuries

• Prevent the spread of injury by suppressing the damaging inflammation after the injury

Thus, this is how spinal cord injuries can be treated through stem cell therapy. The Stem Cell Therapy India is an active area of research for curing various challenging and incurable diseases like spinal cord injuries, brain tissues, tooth pulp, embryonic stem cells, muscular dystrophy, and more.


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