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Building Confidence Through Fitness!

by Kriss Jordan about a year ago in fitness

How I Started My journey!

You will know when the right time is!

How it all began....

December 2014 was the year I started my journey in fitness...well, not technically but I was physically around all things fitness. I started a job as a receptionist in a well known gym and met wonderful people who loved to work out. It wasn't until... you guessed it, the news years resolution season came to pass and well, I made one "my new years resolution is to TRY and keep up with fitness" and so I did, I tried.

2015 I was introduced to the gym floor properly by my boyfriend at the time. I grabbed the nearest "sports ware" I had in my cupboard (tracksuit bottoms and a baggy t-shirt, HA! I thought I was ready for what came next) and I went for it.. Stretches here and there and light exercise but nothing where I was trying to push myself or make an effort but wanted to see what the fascination was.

Around April I found my fascination and I had been sticking to it. I exchanged the baggy tee for a an oversize hoodie and leggings! I was started to see a difference in my body and my confidence! I was loving it and most importantly...

I was loving me!


I started to test what my body could really do through trial, error and... injuries!

My body was AMAZING!! and I never knew it till then.

2016 -2018 I worked out as much as I could but around my full time job and was only maintaining the body that I already had. Some days I would push hard and others I would just go through the motion of working to out to simple say "at least I did something today." I ended up being injured a few times or making excuses why a healthy fitness lifestyle had to be last on my list. I knew this mentality was lazy and was not going to get me anywhere and I had a real decision to make... STOP being lazy and start being consistent, dedicated and work harder to my goal.

2019 I finally got there mentally...

I just needed to now bring my body along physically. So I started getting things in order to begin this journey again but this time with force, planning, confidence and with a purpose!


with many great things in the works planned not only for myself but for the women I want to reach out to... I really can't wait to share this new strong journey with you not only for me but also to help better your minds to match your body!

Kriss Jordan.

Kriss Jordan
Kriss Jordan
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