Biking to School Changed Everything

by Ada Zuba about a year ago in health

The health benefits of biking

Biking to School Changed Everything

I had graduated from university just last year. I decided to pursue a different career path, so I am now at a different post-secondary known as Bow Valley College in Calgary. It has been six months since I last rode the bus, and it was my first day of school. As soon as I got on, I remembered why I hated transit. The whole bus smells of old socks and coffee breath from the morning crowd of the bus. I sit near the window and, of course, the next person that gets on sits next to me, and I can smell their overpowering axe spray. I forgot how rough the stops are on the bus; it lurches you forward, nearly throwing you to the next bus seat. I have not been on the bus for more than five minutes and I already feel queasy. It was finally my stop, and I thank the bus driver as I get off and head for the school.

We were having a family dinner and my oldest sister comes over and she asks me, "Why don't you bike?" At first, the idea scares me. Biking to school every day? Ugh. But then I start to really think about it, and she is right. I would save money by not riding the bus, because my school does not offer bus passes, and it would be very healthy for me. I am not an active person, and although I used to be, after my sister's wedding, I stopped caring about my weight and I found pleasure in laying on the couch surfing through Netflix. I also gained weight because of the previous job I had. It was an office job where I constantly snacked while sitting at my desk.

On my day off of school, I biked there to test it out, and my butt hurt so much the first time that on the way back I had to stop and get off my bike and stretch out my butt before getting back on. I could feel every bump, and I am not a biker that feels comfortable lifting my bottom off the seat on the bumps. I have tried that a few times and I nearly fell over. I also can barely lift my hand off the bike for a turning signal. I tend to get freaked out and I lose control over the bike. I have been practicing doing both though.

Anyways, I now try and bike every day that I have school, except for when it rains. I bike 40km a week which is 24 miles (approximately). Ever since then, I have been having less trouble with my knees. I can stand on my feet for much longer and I feel more alive than ever.

Biking has so many health benefits. Ever since I started biking I have been losing at least a kilogram a week, and even though I am losing weight quickly, I am doing it in a way where I do not need to watch what I eat or go on some absurd diet from the internet. My leg muscles have grown and my belly has shrunk. It is really amazing how much change I have seen since getting around on my bike.

After biking, I feel wide awake for my 8AM class, which is what I need since my body does not like caffeine. It keeps you alert, and when the wind hits your face, you feel so refreshed to start your day. It is nice for me because I do not have to take any main roads, I just bike through the park by my house and it leads me to where I need to go in a reasonable amount of time.

The last benefit of biking is that I once timed myself while biking to see how long it takes me to get to school, and the bike ride is shorter than the uneven bus ride! So I believe if you can, you should bike to school or to work. You feel healthier, you lose weight quickly, and it is also fun. I even like to take my time biking in the morning, and although so many bicyclists are whizzing by me, I enjoy the views of the park. I also never have to worry about catching the bus on time, and that has lifted a significant amount of stress from me.

Biking is better for the environment. More people should bike because it is so much better than taking a stinky bus.

Ada Zuba
Ada Zuba
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