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Best Fitness Apps for Home Workouts

by Ossiana M. Tepfenhart 5 years ago in product review
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If you hate the gym but love the idea of exercise, you might be better off just downloading one of the best fitness apps for home workouts instead.

Gyms are a wonderful idea, but the truth is that they aren't for everyone. Some people like taking hikes in exotic places. Others get their exercise through yoga classes. And, still more have to figure out a way to squeeze a workout in at home because they just don't have the time to go anywhere else.

It's scary to think that there once was a time when home workouts would mean popping Sweatin' to the Oldies into your VCR. Thankfully, that time has changed and we now get custom-made workouts that tone and sweat things out spectacularly.

The way you can get the most out of your workout is by getting the right app, and trust me when I say there are plenty of apps to choose from. According to fitness gurus and those who tested them out, these are the best fitness apps for home workouts — no matter how in or out of shape you may be!

Do you love looking fit and fabulous with the right yoga positions for every occasion? Then you're going to adore FitStar Yoga. This free app is all about bringing a yoga class to your home workout, all with easy-to-understand instructions, diagrams, and more.

Workouts are available for every yoga level, and getting your "ohm" on while traveling has never been easier. This awesome app does have premium options, too, so if you need personalized workout suggestions, FitStar has you covered.

Fitbits are one of the most popular wearable fitness products on Amazon right now, and it's easy to see why. These trackers offer a lot of information that goes beyond heart rate.

When you download Fitbit Coach, you get custom workouts, weight loss advice, and everything you need to keep your body weight under control. Sure, you will need a Fitbit product to reap all the rewards, but the truth is that it's still a great app to use — especially if you love daily workouts that pack a punch.

If you're sick of strength training and want to get use of your bike, then Strava is one of the best fitness apps for home workouts you can download. This app is all about using GPS to accurately calculate calories burned when you go on a bike ride, take a walk, or go for a quick run around the neighborhood.

Join running clubs, find people near you, and compare your results over time — it's all part of the fun with Strava!

Looking for a personal trainer in digital form? Want to connect with fellow fitness enthusiasts who want to cheer you on while you reach your goals? Fitocracy offers you the community you need to make your home workout sparkle, along with awesome, custom workouts that make you want to hit the gym.

Cited as App of the Year by Men's Journal, Fitocracy is all about bringing your workout to the next level. That's why it's one of the best fitness apps for home workouts, gym workouts, and group workouts alike!

Often called the top of the best fitness apps for home workouts, Runtastic Results is a free app that gives you awesome workouts that are designed to help you improve strength, stamina, and calorie burn. It's a 12-week journey that guarantees you a better (or best) version of yourself.

You will need a couple of items for this app to be fully usable, but as long as you're willing to splurge on a yoga mat and a bottle of water, you'll be good to go.

If you're looking for awesome body weight-based workouts that you can do anywhere, Sworkit might be one of the best fitness app for home workouts you can get. Sworkit is all about making it possible to exercise anywhere, with no equipment necessary.

Each workout has strength training and endurance — and better still, all experience levels can find a workout that's right for them. Personal trainers helped develop each workout, and you can tailor them to the amount of time you need to make things happen.

Convenience, thy name is Sworkit!

Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout is an app that's dedicated to letting people with jam-packed schedules get the exercise they need to stay healthy and in shape. As the name suggests, workouts are seven minutes long — and they all use your own body weight as a form of resistance.

This nifty app allows you to work out to your favorite music, has a full library of workouts to try out, and also can be tailored to your particular fitness goals. Needless to say, this is one of the smartest fitness apps for home workouts you can get for free.

Endomonodo is a great app for people that want variety in their workouts and a built-in buddy who gives you awesome encouragement every step of the way. With over 50 different activities to chose from, Endomondo users get everything they need to track their workout, heart rate, and push themselves to the limit.

No matter what your fitness goals are or what kind of activities you enjoy, Endomondo's GPS-based tracking system can help you meet them. Endomondo also lets you cheer on friends, and get cheered on, too. Simply put, this is a great app for fitness fans of all experience levels.

Video workouts, calorie counting, and an easy-to-navigate app is what makes Daily Burn one of the most uniquely awesome fitness apps for home workouts and gym workouts. Each video is produced by personal trainers, and every workout is either 20, 40, or 60 minutes in duration.

Using Daily Burn really gives you the feeling that you're at the gym — except, without the judgment. The community is great, over 1000 different workouts are available, and new workouts are added every day. It's a personal trainer in an app, and that's amazing to see.

It's free for the first 30 days, so give it a shot. You might find it to be just what you needed to make things happen.

What if you could be paid to work out? Would you hit the gym more? Would you have more time to do those pesky home workouts? Pact is one of the best fitness apps for home workouts and gym workouts, primarily because it pays you to get fit!

The way it works is simple: you promise to work out for a certain length of time. Then, when that time is up, you get money. If you don't work out, you lose money. You need to provide proof of said exercise and healthiness. Are you motivated yet?

Ever feel jealous of the most fabulous fitness girls and their perfect abs? Well, you might need to download Daily Ab Workout Lite. This workout app is focused on toning up your abs and helping you achieve six pack status — all with easy-to-do workouts that focus on using your body weight rather than gym equipment.

If you're looking to fight the flab around those abs, you need to check out this app. Simply put, this is one of the best fitness apps for home workouts centered around your gut.

Best of all? It's free, and not all the exercises are crunches. 'Nuff said.

Are you looking for one of the better fitness apps for home workouts, or are you looking for an app that offers home workouts and delicious meal plans? With 8fit, you get all the tools and information you need to build your best self.

Guided workouts with no necessary equipment, delicious meals that are perfect for weight loss, and fully customized fitness advice make this app a must-see for newbies of the health world.

If you're a fan of fitness model Kayla Itsines or just want to have a kickass home workout, you're going to love Sweat. This app features some of the coolest and latest fitness trends everyone can try — as well as awesome fitness advice from Kayla Itsines and her fellow fitness model friends.

Though it's one of the pricier apps on this list, Sweat is free to try and is worth every penny once you subscribe. Instagram model fans will find this to be one of the best fitness apps for home workouts, and for getting into Insta-worthy shape.

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