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Best Antibacterial Essential Oils To Use During The Flu Season

by Shiraz Kahn 9 months ago in health
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Essential Oils for Fighting the Flu

The flu season can be difficult, especially if one of your family members gets it. If not well-taken care of, it will go in a circle one after the other, and it will be a never-ending cycle. Yes, there are medicines out there to combat cold and flu, but if you are leaning towards a more natural method, there are many essential oils with antibacterial properties. So, this makes essential oils perfect during the cold and flu season.

Essential oils are generally used by many to fight cold and flu, they can be either inhaled or applied topically. Essential oils are effective against germs due to the chemical component present in them. And these antibacterial properties work by destroying and preventing the growth of bacteria. There is a large number of essential oils that have antibacterial properties and other components that are great to boost the immune system. Let’s take a look at the list of antibacterial essential oils that you can use to fight cold and flu.

Tea Tree Oil: Tea Tree Oil is a much loved essential oil and has a powerful medicinal aroma. They are greatly effective against a wide range of bacteria and fungi due to their chemical components. And due to this powerful medicinal aroma, it also works great to combat odour. And since it has antibacterial properties, it is great for fighting skin infection. So, when you have a cold or flu, try using tea tree oil.

Eucalyptus Oil: Eucalyptus essential oil is also great to fight against cough, cold, and congestion. This oil is used by many due to the many benefits it offers. When you have sinus congestion or a blocked nose, you can inhale this oil for relief. The most common way to inhale this oil is by diffusing it, using it as a room spray, or applying topically.

Clove Oil: Many people eat cloves or drink them with warm water when they have a cold and flu. So, you can expect clove essential oil to work great against the flu as well. This oil has powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties. However, if you are applying it topically, make sure to dilute it with a carrier oil for safe usage.

Oregano Oil: Oregano oil is another one on the list that is great to fight against bacteria and germs. It has a strong and spicy aroma with an antibacterial agent. Oregano essential oil is commonly used as a household cleansing agent for many years. It can help fight fungal infections. However, you use this oil, it is important to use it with caution as it causes skin and mucous membrane irritation.

Peppermint Oil: Peppermint oil has a cooling effect due to its minty aroma. It has antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties and works great to fight fever, flu, and cold. It works by boosting the immune system by stimulating immune function. Peppermint essential oil is a must-have to combat seasonal flu.

Lemongrass Oil: Lemongrass oil is a natural insect, bug, and mosquito repellent, and they are commonly used by many due to their natural ability to act as an insect repellent. Its antioxidant property fights off free radicals that can cause diseases. They also work as a great cleaning agent, so there are many ways to use this oil.

Lavender Oil: Lavender oil is one of the most popular essential oils and there are many reasons for that. It is one of the most popular and versatile essential oils. It has natural healing properties and works well as an immune enhancer. If you are new to essential oils, you can begin with lavender oil. However, it is best to get from a reliable manufacturer for top-grade oil, such as Young Living.

These are some of the best antibacterial essential oils that work great when it comes to fighting flu and cold. Get your from Young Living and be prepared as we are going into the flu and cold season.


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