Benefits of Taking a Magnesium Supplement

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There are many benefits of magnesium, from helping you manage your asthma, to protecting your heart and muscles.

Benefits of Taking a Magnesium Supplement

Although not as well-known as some other essential minerals, magnesium is still just as important. Research has shown that about 80 percent of adults don’t consume enough magnesium-rich foods, like nuts, fish, avocados, bananas, dark chocolate, etc. Those people are more likely to be at risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and other health issues. So, if you think you’re not getting enough magnesium, here are a few reasons why you should be taking magnesium supplements.

They improve your bone health.

Most people are familiar with the importance of calcium, in terms of bone health. However, it’s only one of the essential minerals, and magnesium is just as important in the process of bone formation. Actually, more than half of the magnesium that can be found in your body is in your bones. Research has also shown that magnesium can reduce the rate of bone degradation—and fragile bones are often the result of magnesium deficiency. So, if you want to have strong and healthy bones, don’t neglect this minera

They can relieve insomnia.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, taking some magnesium could help you solve this problem. Of course, insomnia depends on many factors, from your lifestyle to your diet, but your magnesium intake still plays a role. It can help you sleep better at night by relaxing your muscles and calming your mind. This can come in handy if you happen to suffer from the restless leg syndrome, for example. It can also help you maintain a healthy sleep cycle and be more alert after waking up. In short, magnesium can prevent sleep disorders and help you get a good night’s sleep.

They reduce high blood pressure.

Although high blood pressure can be influenced by stress, lack of exercise, and bad diet, it can also be caused by mineral deficiency. Magnesium can help you regulate your blood pressure by relaxing your veins and arteries, so the flow of flood is no longer constricted. Moreover, it can also help your body balance other minerals, like sodium and potassium. So, it has both direct and indirect effects on blood pressure. Additionally, research has shown that taking just 100mg of a magnesium supplement could reduce the risk of high blood pressure by as much as five percent. With that in mind, if you’re struggling with this problem, and you live in the Land Down Under, taking some quality magnesium supplements from Australia might be just the thing you need to improve your health.

They can help you combat asthma.

If you have asthma, you’re probably already familiar with all the symptoms. When it comes to the treatment, magnesium is often used for the more life-threatening cases of asthma. This is because it can stop the spasms that make breathing difficult. However, magnesium can help manage the non-extreme cases, as well, in both kids and adults. It can do so by relaxing the bronchial muscles, even when you’re not actually having an attack. Moreover, there’s also some evidence that consuming enough magnesium reduces the risks of developing asthma in the first place. So, if somebody in your family is struggling with this medical issue, they can’t go wrong by enriching their diet with magnesium, or simply adding some supplements to it.

They protect your heart.

You might have heard that magnesium is great for muscles—including your heart. It fuels it, protects it, prevents heart attacks, and maintains the health of your blood vessels. Moreover, research has shown that magnesium can prevent calcium buildup in your heart and arteries, AKA coronary artery calcification, which is also one of the signs of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular death. So, considering how hard and important of a job your heart has, you should do your best to provide it with enough energy to do it efficiently and more easily – which means consuming enough magnesium.

There are many benefits of magnesium, from helping you manage your asthma, to protecting your heart and muscles. So, if you’ve noticed any of the above-mentioned medical issues, and you know that your diet is not very rich in magnesium, you should consider introducing supplements into your regime. Plus, your physical health can make you more mentally healthy too, and you’re bound to notice the difference in no time.

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