Balewood Hospital

Ch 3 The Code

Balewood Hospital

Running his fingers over the spine of three different charts, Vrain was still the most impressed with Shane's records. The other was a female named Aria, an armature runner with a need for pushing her body beyond its limits. Damion was the next one, a relatively fit male who got his workouts at work. Lastly, there was the equally good looking Drake. Vrain wondered which of the three males would be able to take the most.

Vrain looked up as an alarm came from one of the stress labs. What could this mean? Every single participant had been carefully screened. Vrain made sure of it. He paused unless one of his colleges decided to not follow his orders to a T. Scowling Vrain shot to his feet and headed towards where the alarm was sounding.

Stopping in front of one of the stress labs, Vrain watched quietly through the one-way glass. A young female had collapsed in the middle of her stress test. The code team was already trying to resuscitate her. Vrain glances at the monitor the second the compressions stopped. There was no cardiac activity to be seen.

A different nurse stepped in to continue compressions as something caught Vrain's attention. "How the hell was she approved! I set up these rules and guidelines for a specific reason!" Vrain's attention turned towards the interns who was shaking like a leaf.

Snatching the female's chart out of the shaking intern's hands, Vrain immediately went to her history. Barely five seconds passed before he slammed it shut. "Go find Dr. Nari abs tell him he is off this project for his incompetence."

Vrain turned as he heard a set of feet stop not too far from him. "Well, look who's late to the party." Nari glanced over Vrain's shoulder. Seeing the young female's body jolt as the AED went off, Nari's face lost its color. "She should have been disqualified. Whether or not she lives is on you. I can't have a concise research project if all the pieces don't work in harmony."

Nari ground his teeth, "she needed the money. I couldn't disqualify her."

"You know she has a severe congenital heart condition. One that you decided to overlook because she begged you." Vrain pointed to the room she's collapsed in "that right there is your fault. She knew she couldn't participate. Instead of disqualifying her. You let her pass on through."

Nari wanted to say something, he couldn't get his voice to work. Knowing Vrain, it was going to be more than just him simply being booted from the project.

Vrain visibly locked up "all I care about are the hearts that are present in my study. The ones that are still beating and that passed the prequalification process." Glancing back at the female, they were still trying to revive. Another shot of adrenaline was pushed into her fibrillating heart. Vrain spoke through clenched teeth, "let me know whether she lives or dies. After all, Dr. Nari's name will be on all the paperwork."

Taking one last look at the female, Vrain shook his head. She'd spent most of her life in a hospital. Having countless procedures done to try and fix her beyond broken little heart. The procedure had been a success, except for the small fact that she would never be able to do any amount of physical activity.

Vrain's peeked as he watched her heart take a few random beats. It immediately went into another fatal arrhythmia. Watching a stream of V-tech run across the screen, Vrain knew this was probably going to be the end of her. How she made it to the age of twenty, Vrain would never know.

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