Balewood Hospital

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Ch 2 Vrain and the Seal

Balewood Hospital

Skimming over all of the different medical applications, Vrain sighed. His subordinates had already gone through all of the disqualified pile with a fine-toothed comb, making sure everyone really wasn’t suited for this research project. Vrain glanced up as one of his colleagues walked up to him. “You’re going to wanna see this one.”

Glancing at her, then the file, Vrain hesitated. Deciding to take it, “what’s so special about this one.” This was the… Vrain forgot if it was the fifth or fiftieth medical chart he’d been handed. So far, not one of them impressed him. “I’m sure … Mr. Brone is more than suited for this project. That doesn’t mean there is anything even remotely-” Vrain stopped.

Deciding to read through the medical chart, Vrain looked up at his colleague as he snapped the chart closed. “Is Mr. Brone still here?”

“I believe so, sir.”

“Take me to him.”

She paused, then nodded and ushered Vrain to follow her. Vrain ran his fingers over the spine of the chart as she stopped and knocked on the door. Only when she motioned for Vrain to come in did he pay attention to what she was doing. “Mr. Brone. I’m doctor Vrain. The head of this research project.”

“Please call me Shane.”

Vrain glanced at Shane’s chart once more before meeting his gaze. “It’s an impressive history you have.” What I’m pressed Vrain the most was how to fit the male is. The simple sight of his build was impressive. It was easy to tell Shane was covered in lean muscle. Not the bulky kid weightlifters and bodybuilders had. “One, though. Your history-”

“Ah, the murmur. Had it since I was brought into this world. Still have it. Never got better, never got worse, and hadn’t kept me from living the life I’ve wanted to live ever.” It was always something that was brought up during exams. Shane couldn’t count how many times he’d had to go under extra testing to prove the state of his health.

“I can see that. You have an impressive military history-A, SEAL. Don’t meet many of them” What little that was given. Vrain knew what was given was all that he would get. “However, this could take months. How are you going to be able to participate.”

“Simple my new contract doesn’t start up for about six months. I stay in shape and keep my body as it is. I won’t have to go through anything extra.” In other words, Shane knew he’d be free up for the next four months.

Vrain reached for his stethoscope. “Do you care if I listen?”

“Not at all.” Shane simply pulled his shirt up, showing off an impressive set of abs and pectorals to match. Moving his dog tags out of the way, Shane sat up as Vrain pressed the scope to his chest. Vrain fought the urge to let out a pent up sigh at the sound of Shane’s deep heartbeat. Slow and robust like a bass drum. Vrain watched the clock tick away slowly. Shane’s heart rate was at a steady forty beats per minute.

Moving the scope across Shane’s thick chest, Vrain listened carefully to each spot. So far, nothing sounded out of the ordinary. Shane definitely had to heart of an athlete. Pressing the scope over Shane’s apex, Vrain picked up on it instantly. An audible whoosh was heard along with the snap if his tricuspid and mitral valves slamming shut.

Stepping back, Vrain asked Shane to remove his shirt and lay on his left side. Shane simply nodded and repositioned himself. Vrain pressed the scope over Shane’s apex. It was much easier to hear Shane’s murmur. Exhaling, Shane felt his heart beating against the chest piece. He wondered if Vrain could feel it as well.

Listening for the longest time, Vrain couldn’t get enough of the sound of Shane’s heartbeat. Forcing himself to stop, Vrain stepped back and placed the stethoscope around his neck. “you have an amazing heart. I’d be glad to welcome you to my research project.”

Shane stat up. There was a spark in his eyes that Vrain hadn’t seen before. “I’m happy to be apart of it. I will do whatever it is you need.” Vrain gasped as his heart skipped a few beats.

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