Balewood Hopsital

Ch 1 The Cantidates

Balewood Hopsital

Welcome to Balewood Hospital, a world-renowned facility at the top of its class. Behind its wheels is the brilliant Dr. Vrain. A young prodigy who quickly reached the top. Dr. Vrain stopped once he became the head of the Cardiac Research department. Ever since then, his ultimate research goal began. It had been a long and groveling process. Things were finally underway.

Vrain sat calmly at his desk, going over all the potential applicants. It had taken months for Vrain to set everything up. It took years to get approval, now Vrain had what he wanted. In his hands, he held the outline of his research project. Vrain wanted to find the perfect heart. Perfect didn’t happen in humans. Near perfect was what Vrain was willing to settle with.

Walking into a room, Vrain paused as he walked out of his office and towards the nearest exam room. Usually, this was left to his subordinates, Vrain was bored, and there wasn’t anything else he had going on at the moment. Plus, his project was already falling behind.

Knocking on the exam room door, Vrain sighed as he saw a young female sitting on the exam table. “Hello, Cami. I’m Dr. Vrain. The head of this research project. I hear you had some questions for me.” Cami opened her mouth to speak when Vrain interrupted. “First, I’m going to do a quick cardiac exam and proceed from there.”

Cami nodded as Vrain placed the scope against her chest. Listening to her steady and slightly fast heart. Vrain noted how her heart steady her heart was. From what he could hear, there were no clicks or murmurs to be heard. Her little heart was loud enough to block out most of the sound of her breathing.

Moving the scope across Cami’s chest, Vrain listened intently to each spot. For such a small girl, her heart was quite loud. Stepping back, Vrain asked Cami to lay onto her left side. Placing the scope against her apex, Vrain felt her heart beating calmly against the scope. Her little heart was relatively healthy.

For Cami to officially be apart of Vrain’s research, he had to know her entire cardiac history. Not even the smallest detail can’t be overlooked. A simple listen wasn’t enough. Vrain would have to go over her resting EKGs and see what the Holter monitor had read. Then there was the stress echo she’d have to pass.

Vrain stepped back as he placed the stethoscope around his neck “your heart sounds good. Your EKGs came back normal, as did the twenty-four-hour monitor. You’re quite active.”

“I am. It is my goal to be as fit as possible. I figured your research project would be a great way for me to see where I stand with being fit enough.”

Vrain nodded. “One of my colleges will have to finish going through your medical history. Soon as that is done, we will call about setting up a stress test.” Without another word, Vrain moved to the next room.

A middle-aged male sat calmly on the table. Vrain quickly introduced himself. The male’s name was Jak. After a brief talk, Vrain went right into examining him. Jak definitely wasn’t like the others. It wasn’t only because he wasn’t an athlete. Vrain picked up on an off sound coming from his heart.

Listening to all of Jak’s valves, Vrain kept his expression neutral. Opening Jak’s chart, Vrain immediately found what he was looking for. Meeting Jak’s gaze, Vrain bluntly stated. “Your congestive heart failure disqualifies you from the project. However, you will be compensated for your time.”

Vrain held his composure. Internally he definitely irritated. People like Jak shouldn’t have even been allowed past the application process.

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