Astral Travel: the Multidimensional Being

Are you ready to experience the cosmos?

Astral Travel: the Multidimensional Being
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What is astral travel? We do this very often without even being aware of it. If this happens all the time to just about anyone, how can we able to do it consciously? Let us take a look.

Astral travel is a way to go beyond the body, to go beyond the immediate 3D reality. By doing so we travel to higher spiritual planes. It is most common for astral travel to happen during sleep. When we are in the delta wave sleep (this is when we are not dreaming but resting very deeply), we tend to travel. We travel to the Akashic field and record everything that happened in our day. This is more common than people think. The only time we do not travel is when we are fully in the here and now present moment fully aware of it.

How can we travel and be conscious of our efforts in doing so? We have to start with a vantage point. A point of perception from which we understand our experiences. When our consciousness expands, we can change this vantage point. It happens within our infinite being—our spirit.

Our limitations of the mind prevent our full experience. This is when we believe things of fear. What if I travel and get lost? What if something bad happens to me? What if I can never get back to myself and I am stuck somewhere out there?

This is normal. However, it is possible to avoid all these paranoia by creating a safe space for when you do the travel.

Let us look at the basics of creating a space for your travel experience:

1. Environment: A clean and well-organized environment is a must. You can place crystals around you or make a grid. I like to use blue aventurine. It is my favourite crystal. To amplify the experience you can add clear quartz. I usually place them under my pillow if I am lying down or create a circle of stones around me if I’m sitting in the lotus position.

2. Body: the body should also be clean. It is good to take a bath or shower before the travel experience. This keeps our chakras balanced and makes room for a more open experience.

3. Mind: we spoke of the universal laws in earlier posts. When we astral travel it is important not to go against the universal laws like invade someone’s privacy or try to cause an unpleasant experience with your presence. This is bad for your karma and can have a direct impact on you. Secondly, we have to understand that our body is a vehicle for the mind. We have to prepare it for the travel kind of like warming up a car on a cold winter day. It is best to meditate 15 min before beginning travel.

If you are new to this kind of experience (in a conscious sense), it is best to meditate for 15 minutes a day for 1 week before beginning the travel. You may not experience the travel in the first few tries but be patient and keep practising.

As I mentioned above, the use of crystals is very beneficial. This is because they store knowledge and information that connects to you and your chakras. They can work with you kind of like your guardians. Keep the crystals clean to avoid any interference.

It is also best to set your intentions for the travel. You can state to your crystals and to the divinity that you want to experience travel and that you are ready to do it with full awareness. Then meditate on your intention for the 15 minutes.

We have to respect ourselves and others who are part of the experience. Never try to do anything harmful to anyone else. This would be contrary to the universal laws as stated above.

Some people think that astral travel happens only in a traumatic experience like an NDE (near-death experience). This is not true. It is possible to experience ourselves fully without enduring a painful experience. This comes with practice through meditation. Are you ready to experience the cosmos?

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