Are You an Empath?

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What It Means to be an Empath and How to Harness Your Power

Are You an Empath?

If you are an empath, you are special. The universe has blessed you with an incredible, and sometimes overwhelming, gift.

It took me a long time to identify my abilities and recognise them for what they are. I hope this post will help you identify yours quicker.

The empaths I have met have been special people, often drawn to healing professions, empaths attract the damaged. People experiencing emotional blockages and other issues tend to gravitate towards us.

How do you know for sure you are an empath?

Before I realised my abilities, I would watch crime shows, and cry for the victims or feel awful for the families of the people that had been killed. Yes, I knew that these people and their families were fictional, but I could not stop putting myself in their shoes.

I could recognise emotions in people surrounding me (and not using the obvious cues available to others). I would say things like "You feel stressed." These statements were not meant to ask how my friends and coworkers were feeling, but recognizing their emotional energy as it travelled through my body.

Watching or listening to the news is unbearable. I remember driving home and listening to the radio, they played a clip of a parent of a child who had died in a school shooting on the news. I bawled my eyes out. His grief was too much to handle.

You know when something bad has happened. My empathic abilities are connected strongly with my clairsentience. I felt the 2010 Haiti earthquake from my bed, in England.

Hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives during that earthquake, their pain reverberated around the world. I remember it waking me from my sleep.

You are 'too sensitive' or easily overwhelmed. Are you surprised? You literally collect emotional baggage like your clothes collect pet hair (if you are unfamiliar with this, wear an all back outfit and pet a white dog—you'll see what I mean).

You shut down sometimes. As an empath it is easy to overload yourself. You collect all of this energy and your body, once it has picked energy up, has no idea how to process it! This can be exhausting and it is dangerous to keep collecting energy without grounding yourself.

A while ago, I worked in care. A disastrous choice really, for an empath. I collected so much pain, sickness and fatigue that I knocked myself out for six months straight. I couldn't function. Interaction with my partner was exhausting, I couldn't even process his energy. I spent six whole months in a dreamlike state, doing the bare minimum to survive.

Okay, so I'm an empath, now what?

Ground yourself. Walk barefoot outside as often as possible. Picture the excess energies leaving your body and returning to earth.

Prepare yourself. I wear a lot of amethyst. It is protective and helps filter out negative energies. I also try to spot other people's energies as I pick them up. It can be easy to find yourself furious or on the verge of tears for no reason, other people's emotions will taint your energy, making you feel things that aren't yours to feel. Try to spot those emotions and find their source.

Trust your instincts or intuition. Many empaths are the equivalent of human lie detectors. They can sense dishonesty. They also get 'feelings' about people, places or events. Trust those feelings.

Being an empath is a gift. You have connections to the universe that others can only imagine. You sense shifts in energy as soon as they occur. Use your gifts to help yourself and others.

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