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Are we defined by when we are born?

by Vasile Stef 3 months ago in spirituality
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Zodiac signs

Are we defined by when we are born?
Photo by Nastya Dulhiier on Unsplash

Are we defined by when we are born? Is a preemie who was supposed to be born two to three months later and spends the first few months of his/her/their life in an incubator going to have the same zodiac sign as a fully developed healthy baby who was born at the same time? Or would the preemie have a personality that reflects when he/she/they would have been born healthy?

I wonder about this because I was born right on the cusp of Gemini season, at 1am on May 22nd. Just 26 hours earlier and I would’ve been a Taurus. Furthermore, I was born a whole month early; if I had been born on my due date, June 21st, I would’ve been a Cancer. I have to wonder, would my personality still be the same as it is now, or would I have wildly different characteristics?

I am not a firm believer of zodiac signs and their respective personality traits, however my specific situation leads me to believe there is a certain level of truth to it. While I don’t agree with every single personality trait of the Gemini, I do fit in surprisingly well with the star sign.

Let me outline exactly why I align with the Gemini sign by explaining a few of the key traits and my relations to them:

1. Adaptability

Geminis are described as very go-with-the-flow, happy to just be along for the ride and are able to adapt to their circumstances quite well.

Before I even knew this was a trait of the Gemini, this is how I described myself to people - go-with-the-flow, easy-going, down for whatever, etc. It is also demonstrated by the fact that I moved from Montana to California all by myself, and was forced to adapt to the culture shock (which was, for lack of a better word, shocking), but here I am three years later, livin’ it up in Cali, totally fine.

I attended two different universities, and at each one I got a whole new crop of classes and people every semester and I just rode along, meeting all these people and I got along fine.

I know some people who really hate change! Their routine is their life, they don’t want to leave it, and they don’t do well with adapting to new situations. The stark contrast of that makes me appreciate my inherent Gemini ability to roll with the punches that much more.

2. We’re Outgoing

I’ve seen a few different descriptions of Geminis being outgoing and talkative, though some sources say we can be overly obnoxious and irritating, while others say we have a balance of being talkative without being too chatty.

As a child, I was definitely the opposite of this, to the point where I sat on the side of the room during my ballet class and watched because I didn’t want to engage with anyone. As an adult, I made a total 180, falling perfectly into this Gemini stereotype. I have an app called Meetup, where you can RSVP to events you’re interested in just for the sake of meeting new people and having a good time, and pre-COVID, I went to all sorts of things and chatted up a storm!

There are also definitely times where I can hear myself being annoying with how chatty I am, but I can’t stooooooop. It’s inherently ingrained into my personality to just keep talking.

3. We Love to Learn!

Flatteringly, we are described as being very intelligent, the reason being that we love to learn. I definitely align with this, and feel that if I hadn’t been so unfocused in college I probably could’ve gotten more than a 3.4, but I digress.

I love reading, I love looking up weird and interesting facts, and I did love college, especially if I liked the classes I was in (side note: linguistics is the shit). My bookshelf is nice and full, though I did have to get rid of some books when I made my cross country move. I’ve been a bookworm since about age 13, rereading my favorites over and over and I don’t think I’m ever going to stop.

4. Indecisiveness

Geminis often can’t make up their minds, which leads to things like commitment issues and being too analytical when making a big decision (both true and false in my case, which you’ll see below under impulsivity).

My mom says I’ve been indecisive since the womb - she was in labor, with contractions and everything and then it just...stopped. Like I said, “you know what, never mind I'm good in here.” And as I said earlier, I was born a whole month before my due date, so I could’ve stayed! But the doctors ended up inducing labor just the tiniest bit, and I was born ten minutes later.

That trait followed me into adulthood, I can’t make a choice to save my life. I jump from one thing to the next, to the next, and I hardly ever stick with my first choice, no matter what it is.

Don’t get me started on my career...I know I want to go into publishing, however I have no idea which route to take to get there. I have a BA in English, but do I go back to school and get a Masters in publishing? Do I just get a certificate? Do I say screw it and just start applying to jobs and work my way up? Who knows! Because I can’t make up my mind, I unfortunately don’t see myself working my dream job anytime soon.

5. Impulsivity

My super impulsive, life-changing decisions include:

a) Adopting my dog - I had no intention of taking one home that day, nor was I financially stable enough to do so, but I up and did it anyway.

Sometimes impulsivity leads to the best things in life.

b) Moving to a different state, and one I had never considered moving to nonetheless. I decided to move in February of 2018 and was living in California the following June.

c) Buying my car! Intention: test drive a few cars and see if there’s a particular one I like, then shop around and see if I can get a good deal. Reality: I took out a massive loan to buy the first car I liked and here we are with a huge monthly payment.

6. Nosiness

Apparently, Geminis really like sticking their noses where they don't belong. This is where I awkwardly raise my hand and smile sheepishly.

I always need to know things that I really don’t need to know. At a 2019 Christmas party, my friend arrived separately than her husband, yet they were leaving together. I somehow thought I needed to know how they both got there, what their car situation was, if one of them took an Uber and they were now going to share a vehicle, blah blah blah, for no reason whatsoever. I just had to know, but I haven’t the slightest clue as to why.

Other Gemini Characteristics

There are some other Gemini things that I identify with, such as loving music and books, having lots of curiosity (though this could be under the nosy category), disliking being confined or tied down, disliking repetition and routine, can talk with almost anyone, and has a tendency to be nervous and inconsistent.

Many of these traits fall into the first six characteristics that I outlined in detail, such as inconsistency correlating to being indecisive, and a dislike of repetition and routine linking to the adaptability trait. These are all things that are most definitely a part of my personality, however, there are also a few things that I don’t agree with.

Gemini Traits that are NOT Part of My Personality

While I am amazed at how well I align with the personality traits of the Gemini Zodiac, I do not believe that it is an exact science. How could it be, when there are people who are the exact opposite of their zodiac?

We are all a mesh of different characteristics, and while I am positive that I align the most with the Gemini Zodiac, there are traits that disagree with my personality.

1. Unreliable

I have found a few sources that say Geminis can be flighty and unreliable, with a tendency to cancel plans at the last second. I am the opposite of this; if I make plans with someone, you bet your ass I’m going to show up. I am also the most punctual person I know; if I say I’ll be there at 10 o’clock, I will most likely send the “I’m here” text at 9:59 or pretty damn close.

2. Can’t Keep a Secret

I can see how this would be a trait with most chatty Geminis. If someone is overly talkative, I would not be surprised to find out that they spill secrets and spread gossip.

However, that does not apply to me. While I may be chatty, I don’t cross lines or spread needless gossip. I actually have trouble not talking exclusively about myself...it’s something I’m working on. But because of that, I don’t talk about other people’s problems, especially if they told me not to. I most definitely have the ability to become a vault if needed. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.

3. Cleverness

I’m not clever. Like, at all. Several sources say that the combination of cleverness and chattiness mean that Geminis love to have witty banter - something I am absolutely terrible at! One of my brothers is a master at witty comebacks and funny banter, and I am no match for him at all, no matter how much I try. Any attempt is the perfect recipe for a large helping of humiliation as well, so I just tend to stick to small talk and light topics. It’s safer.

4. Being Alone

It would be a big problem if I had trouble being alone, considering I’ve been living alone for the past couple years. As opposed to disliking being alone, I cherish my alone time, and actually sometimes act like a hermit, especially after the pandemic hit.

At the beginning of COVID, I was having an absolute ball. I began working from home and had no reason at all to leave, and it was fantastic! I would go days without speaking to a single soul and I was perfectly at peace. The level of which I love being alone is in such stark contrast to this Gemini personality trait that it really calls into question the credibility of the zodiac signs.

Other Sign Traits I Possess

Since I was born closer to Taurus season, it’s fitting that I have more Taurean traits than Cancer traits, even though my due date was in Cancer territory. Because of this, I have to assume that it really is your actual birth date that determines these things, though why, I still don’t understand.

I may contradict myself here: earlier I said that I dislike repetition and routine, which is true, however there are some cases in which I am much more comfortable sticking to what I know. This is a Taurus characteristic - sticking to routine. For example, I get great anxiety whenever I have an errand to run and I don’t know exactly what to expect. If it is time-sensitive, I arrive extremely early because I don’t know what the parking will be like - what if I have trouble finding a parking spot? This isn’t to say that I can’t accomplish these unfamiliar tasks, but that doesn’t mean I like it. I prefer to stick to the same grocery store that I know like the back of my hand.

I also prefer to read familiar books and watch familiar TV shows. I don’t stray much, and with books that’s mostly because it costs money to buy more, but with TV it’s really just a creature comfort. I haven’t bought a new book in probably a couple years, which is shocking because the Gemini in me loves to read.

Taureans are also not fond of authority, and neither am I. If an authority figure such as a boss seems disappointed or at all unhappy with me, I lose it. I once cried in the employee bathroom of a restaurant I worked in because my boss reprimanded me for not giving good service when I was totally overwhelmed with tables and basically handicapped from giving good service. In my opinion, my boss was being completely unreasonable, yet there I was crying in the bathroom.

Though I have more Taurus characteristics, I do also have Cancer characteristics, such as loyalty and a strong sense of intuition. Sometimes I feel like I’m psychic because of my intuition, it’s that freaky.


In my opinion, we all probably have personality traits that align with several different signs, regardless of if they border our own. I have to admit, I don’t actually know much about the other signs, so I don’t know how many signs I might have in me; I only care about the ones I am/could have been had I been born at a slightly different time.

I think the zodiac signs are mostly accurate, judging by how many people totally own their sign, myself included. Even though I do possess Taurus and Cancer traits, I am indubitably a Gemini, just based on how much I can talk if nothing else.


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