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Alternative Mindfulness For The COVID Queue.

by Sophia Higgins 11 months ago in health

Food for thought before your swab.

Standing in the hour long queue for a COVID-19 test can be depressing to say the least. If you are like me, the holiday season is one of the only times of the year when you are free to let loose, rekindle neglected friendships and see family. Like the vast majority of people, I am a fan of Christmas and could not wait to start my Christmas shopping. Alas, that was not to be. I was on the same train as a suspected case and so here I am in a queue outside the hospital waiting for my test.

What goes through one’s mind in a COVID queue? Are your thoughts as anxiety-provoking as “Do I have it?” If so, who have I given it to? Or do you take a more hand-fisted approach? Blaming the strict regulations for your ruined social life cursing the government for taking things too far? Whatever your usual mentality I believe we have all experienced a cocktail of thoughts while waiting for our swabs.

Our COVID journey is far from over. Alternative reflections in times of anxiety and negativity may be in our best interest to maintain a boosted morale and sanity! This may not always be possible but it is a worthwhile strategy to have in mind.

1. There Goes My Weekend!

Don’t get me wrong, I love a weekend at home. It can be a real treat after an exhausting week at work. As long as there is enough food and toilet paper (ha ha) a ‘staycation’ is fine.

Some weekends though are particularly eventful. Plans to see family and friends are crushed. Those tickets you had for that show or exhibition, well they are not yours anymore.

From my experience, using the time at home to work on my creative passions is at least a temporary cure for COVID misery. Whether you are attempting your first novel, painting a budding masterpiece or building a playlist, these are all projects that you can plan while you wait for your swab.

2. Who have I seen? Where have I been?

As we all know, as soon as the Public Health Officer gives you the dreaded phone call in a day or two, things may start to get crazy.

As busy individuals we may think we live a boring existence but we actually attend numerous venues across the city. For those of us who get public transport we unintentionally mingle with a huge selection of the city on a daily basis. From this point in time, I suggest you take note of the time you catch each service so you don’t have to worry for no reason.

To minimise the potential anxiety caused by a positive result, start compiling a list of places, people and times so you are ready to answer any questions fired at you. This strategy could also alleviate any of the anxiety you might feel about the probability of you actually having the disease. You may not have been out and about as much as you might think.

3. Damn Regulations!

To be honest, this thought has not entered my head personally, aside from the overseas travel restrictions but that is a different issue altogether. The strict approach taken by our leaders has kept us safe and prevented escalation.

From my experience, most people have been very supportive if not enthusiastic about the way our government has tackled this unforeseen monumental dilemma.

So when I’ve been in the queue, I have reflected on the necessity of the population getting tested even with the mildest of symptoms. The thought that I’m doing my bit to stop the spread is somewhat comforting.

4. What else could I be doing now?

“Life’s too short for a COVID Test!” said nobody ever!

For those of you who take work home with you like me, you may think that the tonnes of work you have waiting for you on your desk should be the priority.

And to a degree it should.

However let me turn the tables on that line of thought. We are currently living in an extraordinary time period. One not experienced by the majority of the people in our communities. For the first time since World War II, it is essential to have a community mentality. When making decisions that have COVID implications we think about the community rather than ourselves.

What will our futures hold? Where is this all heading? These are two of life’s big questions that are worthy of a ponder while we play the COVID-19 waiting game,


Sophia Higgins

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Sophia Higgins
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