About Ulcerative Colitis : An autoimmune Disease

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When I got diagnosed I was searching all over the internet about people's experiencies with this disease but I didn't find as many articles as I wished for. So, I'm writing this, my short story about UC that I hope is gonna help the people who have it and motivate them to keep going.

About Ulcerative Colitis : An autoimmune Disease

A Brief Defintion For the people out there who don't know what Ulcerative Colitis is ,i am going to try to give you a simple and short defintion.

A Brief Defintion

For the people out there who don't know what Ulcerative Colitis is ,I am going to try to give you a simple and short defintion.

Ulcerative colitis is an Autoimmune Chronic Disease that affects your large intestine and causes symptoms like ulcers , severe inflammation, anemia and more. The other not so formal definition that my doctor told me is that, basically your immune system hates you and thinks you have bacteria in your intestines so it always battles againts your own body, which is not great to be honest, but at least this definition made me understand it better. My doctor was kind of a funny guy at least. It is treated with several medication or in severe cases it can be cured with surgery, even thougth medication is preferred.

Being Diagnosed With UC

At the age of 14 I started to have symptoms of this condition and it was really weird for me personally because at the time I had never been sick before except common colds , headaches etc. I was so afraid of going to the doctor or even telling anyone I was feeling sick that my symptoms got worse and worse until I didn't had any other option that to tell my parents and go to the doctor. I finally went and got checked, and ended up in the hospital. The doctors run a few tests on me and then they finally told me what I had and to be honest , I didnt even realized it in that moment , I just wanted to get better . I was pretty close to getting surgery but after trying several treatments I finally found one that helped me so I didn't have to get operated. After 2 months on and off of staying in the hospital , and with lots of help from my mom, I was finally getting better and could go home.

With UC also comes a specific diet you have to eat. You can't eat: fried food,raw fruits and vegetables, or food that contains too much fibre, so it was a pretty restricted diet at the begging but, once I got better I could include more food into my diet. The doctor recommended me to have a food diary to see if and which foods are better or worse for me but to be honest I was too lazy to do that and that is my bad, but it might help you by doing it. So even thought I am taking medication everyday, I'm feeling much better, and now I can eat almost everything I want .

It was hard at first getting used to the idea that from now on I needed to be aware of what I was eating and being careful to take my medication, but this condition teached me a lot of things in life that otherwise I would'nt know.

There Are Good Parts Too

Being more optimistic in life is definetely one of them. You may need time to see the good side of things, but once you get there, it is worth it. Try asking yourself ``What can i learn from this?´´ instead of ``Why is this happening to me?´´.

Me personally , I have matured a lot after all that have happened. I learned how to take care of myself better and to realize that I need to be a priority now more than ever.


I can't say that im thrilled that I have UC, because nobody wants to deal with health issues and all that comes with it. Trying to see the good parts can be difficult but not impossible. Definetely do not do what I did, go to the doctor on time. It is really important to get yourself checked even if your healthy, a blood test never hurts anybody. If you are shy like me , try thinking that those people are there to help you and not hurt you and that everything you do is for you well being.

If you are out there dealing with UC , be strong because it is going to get better. You are stronger than you may think you are. And don't forget to communicate with family, friends whoever makes you forget that you even have it. Your well being comes first everytime.

You are stronger than your disease dont forget that.

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