A Lesson In Embracing Change

Letting Go, Moving On

A Lesson In Embracing Change

Don't lie- we all fear change. Change comes in many forms. Change can be moving, having children, getting or losing a job, getting married, getting divorced, losing a loved one, or just picking a different menu item at your favorite restaurant.

Our fear comes from the unknown. How will I live without that person in my life? How will I survive life in a new town with no friends? What if I don't like this burger? However, if we never make changes we never really grow.

After you dispel the fear you have towards change it becomes easier to embrace it. By embracing change you can learn to love life more fully and become a true success. You will develop a more positive attitude naturally. You will begin to exude confidence, and you will also begin to rub off on the people around you. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be a positive influence on those around you?

Imagine living without fear of what tomorrow holds. It seems impossible, doesn't it? But it's really not. In fact, nothing is impossible if you put your heart and soul into it. You just have to believe in order to succeed.

Once you learn that change is nothing to fear you can begin the process of using change to better your life. Look at each change as a new beginning. Stop for a moment whenever that inkling of fear begins to creep into your mind, and think about what positive things can come from this particular change.

If you are moving to a new area, away from your friends and family, don't see it as “leaving” everything behind. Instead, see it as an adventure all your own, and a chance to develop and build new friendships expanding your current friendship circle. See it as an opportunity to invent a new you. Be someone different if you weren't sure about the “you” in your last town/city. Maybe you didn't have a lot of friends before- get out and make some now that you've moved. You're new and no one knows you. You can leave any rumors or bad decisions behind, and start fresh. Tired of being known as the party girl or the tough guy? Leave that persona behind, and embrace this new fearless you. It's easier to change and become a better, deeper person when you have found yourself in a new place.

Think of growing. When we are born we are little, we know little. As we change and grow, we become new people. We change- we adapt, and continue to grow. Without change we cannot grow, we become stagnant. We like different people, different music, different books, and different television shows as the years go by. We change from liking cartoons to liking adult comedies. We change from listening to our parents to being parents ourselves.

I asked a friend what they feared about change, and they told me that they feared the possibility of change stopping, and not happening anymore. They said that variety and change make life interesting. This is so true. How boring would it be if things always just stayed the same?

That IS the only fear we should have when it comes to change. We should fear that change will stop happening. If change stops, we stop. We will no longer grow. We will never become more. We may as well stop living.

Without change, there would no longer be any beauty in the world. Flowers would stop blooming, the leaves would stop changing colors and falling, fruits and vegetables would no longer grow, animals would no longer have cute little babies, and homes would never be built. What is here now would be the same, forever.

Think of your home- what “changes” happen there on a daily basis? You cook, you clean, and you shop. Each meal is changing a food from one thing to something else. Cleaning changes the appearance of your home and living environment. Shopping brings new items into your home, making another change.

Change The Things You Can

Let go of all the fear you have. What are you afraid of? Failure, loneliness, change, death, pain, or heartbreak? Think of what those fears stem from. Something had to have happened along your path in life to cause you to fear these particular changes. We learn to fear, we aren't born with it.

Now think of what you can do to change the way you look at fear. Maybe you're afraid of heights because your mom made you go up in a hot air balloon when you were a kid, and you were scared and screaming the whole time. Instead of seeing it as something fun and amazing, you now see anything related to heights as scary and traumatic. Write down how you wish you would have experienced this event, how it could have turned out more positive. Let go of the negative past and only see it as how it “could” have been.

The one thing you really need to remember when it comes to changing your outlook on anything is that things are only how you perceive them to be. If you see something as negative then it will be negative. The Universe draws to us that which we think of the most. Thoughts become things. If you believe you are poor and will never amount to anything then you will always be poor and you will never amount to anything. Change that way of thinking and you will change your life.

Accept The Things You Can’t Change

We all have to accept that there are things that we just can't change. Things change all by themselves, most of the time. Sometimes we don't like how things are going and we put our own changes into motion. Sometimes there are things we wish we could change, but no matter how hard we try they just never change. Quit wasting your time on the things you can't change. Accept them and move on.

Sometimes accepting the things that we can’t change lets other changes begin. We learn to love things that we thought we would hate, which leads to new things that we love, and more good changes. What do you wish you could change that you can't?

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Yvonne Glasgow
Yvonne Glasgow
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