A Child’s Voice Found Through Intuitive Science

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How a Health Analysis Freed Gracie

A Child’s Voice Found Through Intuitive Science

No one really knew what to do for Gracie. The doctors didn’t know what was causing it, so they didn’t know how to treat it. Allergies? At eighteen months old, Gracie couldn’t tell anyone what was going on in her body. She couldn’t explain why her nose ran constantly since she was just a few weeks old. She couldn’t explain why her eyes moved independently of each other, and why the earaches kept coming. Did she need more antibiotics? Special glasses? Tubes in her ears? Different medications?

Her mother Julie discovered the School of Metaphysics just after she began ‘waking up’ to a whole new world of alternative healing, consciousness, and spiritual questioning. Julie talked with a teacher who immediately suggested she request an Intuitive Health Analysis for her child.

An Intuitive Health Analysis gives a child’s soul a voice when they cannot speak for themselves yet. Through a rigorous training system, a team of intuitive reporters and conductors can access a universal level of subconscious mind to find specific mental causes for emotional and physical symptoms in any individual. Through hypnosis, the reporter is guided into a state of consciousness where they can 'see' an individual's mental, emotional and physical systems, even at great distances.

In the case of a child, the intuitive reporter in essence becomes the mouthpiece for the child’s inner self to communicate direction to the parents or caregivers when the child is too young to self-evaluate and explain his or her own thoughts and feelings. A Health Analysis will relate the perceptions of disorders 'seen' and then will give specific suggestions for the correction of any disorder, whether mental, emotional or physical.

Gracie’s health analysis uncovered the causal thinking behind the outer symptoms:

We see defensiveness in the mental system. We see that there is a tendency that this one has to believe that this one needs to protect itself, that this one needs to fight for certain things, that this one needs to stand up against others that this one believes are criticizing this one. …this one is aware of the thoughts that are produced by others and are produced in the environment and internalizes these and begins to feel as though this one has done something that is wrong or incorrect.

Suggestions for the caregivers immediately followed this:

…. We see that this one would thrive from encouragement. This one would also benefit with others in the environment with stilled minds and would be more thoughtful about the thoughts that are produced within the consciousness. We see that this one is influenced by these. We see that it is important for those who are in positions to care for this one to realize that their thoughts are an influence and to become more attentive to what the mind is doing at all times.

Many Health Analyses for children call for the adults around the children to become more aware and mindful of their own thoughts and attitudes, as the children tend to absorb these readily and then not know how to identify, process, reason, or resolve the energies. Children are naturally very perceptive and receptive of energies around them, especially emotional energies. They will internalize them, and symptoms quickly begin appearing. The Health Analysis uncovers the cause-and-effect relationship between the thoughts in the environment, the child’s thoughts, and the symptoms that become visible through the child’s body and behavior. Gracie’s report revealed this relationship:

…We see that within the emotional system, there is, at times, a tendency for this one to feel through emotions of others and to become somewhat confused as to what this one is actually feeling because there are conflicting emotions within the environment. We see that this one desires to understand what this one, who this one is. There is a need once again for those in the environment to still their minds, to recognize that the influence of the thoughts and the emotions have on this one.

The report showed how the thought energies directly formed the emotional experience for Gracie. The report then showed this trickle-down effect on Gracie’s physical body – the body symptoms that her parents and the doctors were seeing:

…We see within the physical system there is in the present period of time, a mild infection that is taking place in the glands. We see that there is some mucous that is produced at times; however, this is relatively insignificant. We see that as this one learns to ingest vegetables in a form of puree that this will provide this one with greater nutrients to help the immune system that can fight against these types of infections.

In Gracie’s case, early defensiveness, probably karmic in nature, was weakening the immune system. The immune system is the body’s defense system. Since her mental stance was ‘on-guard’, the body’s defense system was constantly being mobilized and drawn on. The report showed the continual sinus infection could be addressed through diet, by raising the strength of the immune system, employing the body’s natural defenses.

It is asked, “What is the cause of Gracie’s persistent nasal drainage and chronic sinus problems?” What is the best treatment for this?
Once again this is related to the immune system. As the immune system is strengthened, this would resolve. There could be symptomatic relief through clearing the nasal passages with a rubber device to remove the mucous.

Her mother wanted to know further about the eye condition Gracie was having. She asked for the cause of Gracie’s eye condition and what the best treatment for her would be.

There is a bacteria that has settled in there. Increasing the strength of the immune system through eliminating any toxic substances, through providing this one with various forms of nutrition, through vegetables, through fruits, this kind of thing, providing a broad balanced diet, being creative in how this one is encouraged to eat her foods. Also, the kinds of fluids that this one is encouraged to ingest would be useful. Encouraging fresh vegetable juice, fresh fruit juices, incorporating various nutritional substances into these would be beneficial in building the immune system.

It is asked, “Is this eye condition a long-term condition or will it resolve itself?”

It will resolve itself as the immune system becomes stronger.

Julie was so captivated by the accuracy and simplicity of the suggestions given in Gracie’s Health Analysis that she stopped by the health food store on the way home from the intuitive reports session to buy all kinds of fresh foods and supplements for Gracie.

The teacher that Gracie’s mother had originally met with followed up with her, offering more interpretation of the Health Analysis, further specific suggestions, and a recommendation that she take Gracie to a nearby doctor of Chinese medicine who specializes in food therapy, food energetics, and acupuncture. Julie wrote to the teacher:

Hi. Just wanted to update you a bit. Gracie has shown significant improvement. She is no longer on any medication. The persistent runny nose and allergy-like symptoms have disappeared completely. That is a marvel in and of itself on days when the pollen is still very high. She eats 90% whole foods now, with primary emphasis given to fresh/steamed fruits and veggies and probiotic yogurt. We give her organic fruit and vegetable juices, organic vitamin supplements and a natural children's immune chewable tablet that contains immune-boosting herbs. She has not had an antibiotic in over two months, the longest she has ever gone without one. Though only 22 months, in the past four weeks she has learned to count to ten, form complex sentences and sing familiar songs. In addition, her personality and defensiveness have abated a great deal.Not that I had any doubts about the prescribed treatments in her reading, but it is truly amazing to see the universe at work in your child. I have always fed Gracie in a manner I thought was healthy, but have read much material about the almost non-existent frequency/vibration/nutrition in canned fruits and veggies which have been the primary source of her nutrition. I know now that ANYTHING from a can has no value in building immune strength or overall health, even if it is fruits and veggies!We go to see Dr. Weaver on June 7th to see what foods he believes will aid in the stabilizing of her left eye —which remains the only health issue we are concerned about at present. Her vision appears to be just fine—she sees things close up and far away with no trouble, but the "test" indicate a slight far-sighted tendency. But, having two older children, I know that a child's eyesight isn’t fully developed until around age 7 or 8. As of yet, despite two recommendations from ophthalmologists, I have not succumbed to putting glasses on her. My husband and I are simply not convinced that is the answer, and as given in her Health Analysis—it will actually make her eyes weak/dependent.
I just want to tell you how grateful I am for the work of the School and for people like you. Thanks so much for that conversation on February 23 about children's dreams when I first stopped by the School. That day has changed my life and the life of my family.

What had been a continual, long-term riddle for the parents of this eighteen-month-old child, since she was just a few weeks old, was finally solved.

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