A Brief Insight on Gum Graft – A Simple yet Critical Dental Surgery

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A Brief Insight on Gum Graft – A Simple yet Critical Dental Surgery

When it comes to dental surgeries, there are wide ranges of different types of them that are used in order to cure and rectify different types of dental disorders and diseases. Talking of different types of dental surgeries, gum graft is one of them and it is performed in order to correct and rectify the effects which are caused by gum recession. This particular surgery is a relatively simple one and can be completed within every short span of time. In this type of surgery, the expertise of a periodontist is required, who removes the healthy tissues from the roof of the mouth and then, these tissues are used for the purpose of building the gum backup where it was received from.

What Are the Different Types of Gum Graft Surgeries?

When it comes to gum graft surgeries, there are quite a few of them which are performed. Here is a brief insight on some of them:

Connection tissue grafts: The following procedures for a gum graft are followed in this type of surgery.

  • At first, the tissues are removed from the root of the mouth. It is done by taking tissues which are found underneath the top layer of the mouth.
  • Then the tissues are stitched on the gum tissues which already exists in order to cover the exposed truth of the tooth.
  • The flap of the root of the mouth is then stitched from where the tissues were taken.

Free gingival grafts: This method of surgery is used for those who have thin gums and needs extra tissue for the purpose of enlarging the gums. This type of surgery is being carried out by a Periodontist. Here are some of the basic steps which are followed in this type of surgery .

  1. The tissue is being removed directly from the top layer which is located on the roof of the mouth.
  2. Then these tissues are being stitched to the gum area.

Pedicle (lateral) grafts: This method of surgery is used in case of those who have gum tissues in huge numbers growing near the area of the exposed tooth. The surgical procedure is as follows:

  • The grafts tissues from the gums near or around the tooth need treatment.
  • The tissue is being cut partially and one edge is kept attached.
  • The tissue is being stretched down or over. It needs to be done in order to cover the exposed root of the tooth and also to make sure that it is held in its place with the stitches.

Few Recovery Tips Post Surgery

After the surgery is being completed, there are a few recovery procedures which need to be followed in order to quicken the process. Here are some useful tips for quick recover:

  • Avoiding brushing or flossing at the site of the treatment
  • A special type of mouth wash needs to be used in order to control the growth of plaque
  • Antibiotics need to be taken in order to prevent infections
  • All sorts of strenuous exercises needs to be avoided
  • Smoking needs to be stopped completely
  • Avoid foods which are hard to chew
  • Foods which are cool and soft like cheese, eggs, yogurts, pasta and other should be consumed more during this phase .

It needs to be mentioned in this regard that when it comes to gum graft, it’s a simple surgical procedure; however, proper care needs to be taken during the post-surgery period in order to make sure that the patient recovers properly and quickly. Any deviations from the prescribed “do’” and “don’t” can deteriorate the condition quite quickly.

Zoe Sewell
Zoe Sewell
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