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6 Healthy Habits I Adopted That Have Stuck

by Saad Jamshaid 2 months ago in health
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It’s often difficult to break out of unhealthy habits and adopt new, healthier ones — but you can do it! Here are six healthy habits I adopted that has stuck — even if I don’t practice them every day. By taking small steps each day, you can start to make positive changes in your life, too!

1) Allowing myself time to cook

If you’re eating at home, taking time to cook fresh meals is a great way to eat healthier and save money — not to mention it keeps you from grabbing fast food on a whim.

It sounds complicated at first, but if you make cooking part of your routine, it’s not as time-consuming as you might think. Plus, there are plenty of healthy recipes out there that don’t take too long or have a lot of ingredients;

Like garlic shrimp over spinach or quinoa stir-fry (as pictured below). Not only will cooking be less stressful than ordering in, but these quick fixes can easily fit into your weekly meal plan.

Cooking at home is not only a good way to eat healthier, but it’s also cheaper. When you cook at home, you can avoid spending money on takeout or dining out (sometimes even Starbucks).

Most importantly, however, cooking your meals gives you control over what goes into your food. You’re better able to avoid preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients when you cook at home.

When you’re busy, it’s easy to grab something quick and unhealthy. To keep me healthy and on schedule, I allow myself time every week to cook a big meal and refrigerate it in containers so that during hectic weeks, I can take out a container, heat it, and have a hot meal.

It’s healthier than eating out (especially fast food), more cost-effective, and less stressful. The key is planning — doing your weekly shopping in one day helps with that.

2) Keeping a food journal

Everyone loves home-cooked meals but finding time to prepare and cook food can be a challenge. To make sure you’re getting your recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables, it’s important to make room in your schedule for meal prep.

If you work full-time, aim to spend an hour on a weekend day cooking fresh, healthy meals for yourself or your family. If you find that hour isn’t enough time for prepping and cooking, try preparing snacks on weekdays that you can eat throughout the day instead of resorting to fast food or takeout fare.

By making time each week for meal prep and planning out what foods you’ll have on hand, it will become second nature to toss together healthy lunches in minutes.

Although it may seem tedious to write down every morsel that passes your lips, keeping a food journal is an effective way to document all of your eating habits.

It gives you a visual representation of what you’re consuming and lets you pinpoint trouble areas — whether it’s skipping breakfast or getting takeout four nights a week.

There are several apps available to help you track what you eat, and some even add information about your workout and other physical activity.

A food journal is a good way to monitor what you’re eating and determine areas where you can make improvements. Here’s how to start keeping a food journal.

3) Drinking more water

Our bodies are made up of 60% water, so it’s important to replenish that each day. Not only does staying hydrated help you feel better, but it also improves your skin, which is a quick way to look and feel more attractive.

Before you go out for dinner or hit up happy hour, be sure to drink 8 ounces of water; even just sipping one glass will make a difference in how you look and feel.

I’ve never been a big water drinker. But after a doctor noticed that my blood pressure was higher than it should be, he suggested that I start drinking half my body weight in ounces of water every day (that’s about 2 liters for me).

Initially, when I left his office, all I could think about was how much more often I would have to go to the bathroom. But now it’s just a habit — and it has brought my blood pressure down significantly.

When I’m trying to lose weight, or just live a healthier lifestyle, I find that one habit that helps is drinking more water.

When you start drinking more water, your body starts getting used to it and you become less thirsty over time. So don’t be afraid to drink a lot of water — you won’t get uncomfortably full.

4) Exercising for 30 minutes 5 times per week

Working out doesn’t have to take a lot of time. When you get in better shape, it takes less time to feel great. On average, people who work out for 30 minutes five times per week lose more weight than those who work out once or twice per week.

The key is to find an exercise routine that you enjoy and that works for your schedule so that you don’t need to squeeze working out into an already busy day — and end up skipping it entirely.

Exercise is one of my favorite and most satisfying habits. Sure, it’s not exactly easy to drag yourself out of bed or into your gym clothes after a long day at work, but once you do, you’ll feel better than ever!

People who exercise report less stress and greater job satisfaction than those who don’t exercise. My workout routine consists of 30 minutes on an elliptical machine 5 times per week, but feel free to incorporate any exercise that fits into your lifestyle.

The good news is that it doesn’t take that much exercise to improve your health, drop a few pounds and keep them off. A recent study found that people who exercised for five 30-minute sessions per week lost more weight than those who worked out less frequently.

(The group in this study averaged about 300 minutes of exercise per week). What’s more, you don’t have to do an hour of cardio or lift weights at a gym — just break a sweat doing whatever you enjoy.

5) Maintaining a balanced diet

A healthy breakfast has been linked to better concentration, improved memory, and a stronger immune system. Plus, starting your day with a breakfast that’s low in sugar (like berries) will help control blood sugar spikes and dips later in the day.

Greek yogurt makes for a protein-packed start to your morning, but beware of added sugars; some have up to 22 grams per cup! Instead of reaching for processed foods like sugary cereal or pre-packaged yogurt.

Try whipping up an easy parfait made with plain greek yogurt, berries, and whole-grain granola. (Be sure to measure out servings to keep portions under control.)

Eating a balanced diet has been proven to give our bodies what they need for energy and health. If you’re looking to improve your daily eating habits, try keeping track of your food intake with a food journal or healthy app like MyFitnessPal.

You may be surprised by how many empty calories you’re consuming regularly that aren’t doing anything for your body! To lose weight safely but quickly, we want to ensure we’re fueling our bodies with essential nutrients.

A healthy diet is imperative for many reasons. Eating a balanced diet ensures that your body is receiving an adequate amount of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) to keep you energized throughout your day.

Also, eating a well-balanced diet can reduce health risks associated with deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals such as potassium and iron. Overall, eating a balanced diet helps keep your body fueled with plenty of nutrients to fight off disease while also keeping your energy levels high.

6) Starting my morning with berries and greek yogurt

For years, my go-to breakfast was a bagel with cream cheese. I was sick of it and wanted to try something new. At first, berries didn’t quite hit it for me as a breakfast choice.

But after reading some studies that revealed they are high in antioxidants and contain more fiber than most fruits, plus they can help prevent heart disease and cancer — who knew?

I got hooked on them. And let me tell you, if there is anything worse than cold fruit in the morning, it’s warm fruit! Recently I tried greek yogurt mixed with berries for my morning meal; now that’s good stuff!

After working as a waitress in high school, I can honestly say that getting up and cooking myself a healthy breakfast every morning is tough. While I love sitting down to pancakes and orange juice with my husband on Saturday mornings.

Most mornings during a busy work week, it’s easier for me to grab granola bars or cereal out of convenience. But what you do in those first few minutes of your day can have an incredible impact on your mood throughout. My solution?

In place of sugar-laden cereal or fruit juices, fresh berries and plain greek yogurt are a great way to start your day.

The natural sugars in both will keep you satiated until lunchtime, while also providing you with a healthy dose of protein that will help you feel fuller throughout the morning.


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