5 Ways to Help Extend Your Life

It's not as hard as you think to be healthy. Check out these simple tips.

5 Ways to Help Extend Your Life

The quest for immortality has consumed the human race for as long as it's been around. Although scientists have yet to find the fountain of youth, the question of what will make us live longer is beginning to be answered by medicine. Research on the subject has actually advanced to the point where a few key factors have been found in determining just how we can increase our lifespans. Certainly genes are an important factor in how long a person lives, but there are plenty of active measures that an individual can do to add years to a life. Here are 5 simple, science-backed tips.

Eat High Quality Foods

Having a good diet is one of the surest paths to good health, but also one of the hardest to get right. Thankfully, health-seekers have discovered social media and are checking out the online offerings of organizations like lcr health by Rand McClain as well as fitness forums to share information and support one another. When it comes to life extending properties, research suggests that consuming brightly colored vegetables, oily fish with their omega-3 fatty acids, and even dark chocolate can help lengthen the human lifespan. A good option for keeping the brain youthful is the blueberry, which has been shown to slow the memory degradation that often comes with aging.

Stop Smoking and Drink in Moderation

Smoking is one of the worst culprits for shortening a life. Studies show that someone who smokes can be at up to three times as much risk of early death than non smokers. It's never too late to quit though, and the sooner a smoker quits, the quicker those numbers start to go down. In fact, one study suggested that smokers who quit smoking by age 35 might prolong their lives by almost a decade. As for having the occasional drink, it has become evident that alcohol in moderation can have some beneficial effects on the body. Wine (especially red wine) contains polyphenol antioxidants which might have life-extending properties. No solid studies show that moderate drinking is better than no drinking overall though, so the pursuit of a long life is no reason to start drinking if someone hasn't already.

Drink Coffee or Tea

Both coffee and tea can be excellent health foods. The catechins and polyphenols that are found in green tea have been touted by experts as substances that can reduce the risk of diabetes and cancer. Coffee as well has been linked to a lower likelihood of certain cancers, as well as a smaller risk of brain ailments like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. As if that wasn't impressive enough, those who drink coffee and tea have both been shown to have up to a 30% lower risk of early death than those who do not.

Avoid Stress

It's no joke, laughter helps us live longer. Optimism in general seems to help people live longer. In fact, pessimists have been shown to have a risk of early death 42% higher than more optimistic people. The good news is that even in trying times, simple things like watching a good comedy or looking at the best case scenario instead of the worst case can make a huge difference in a person's overall emotional health.

Make Time for Physical Activity

Staying in good physical shape is an excellent way of adding years to a life. This doesn't mean that people have to become bodybuilders or fitness mavens in order to live longer. In fact, one study has shown that even just exercising for 15 minutes per day can result in health benefits substantial enough to increase a person's life by up to three years.

Many people feel daunted by the quest for a longer life. That is mostly due to the mistaken idea that a person's lifespan is set in stone by genetics.The truth is a lot more complicated and more data than ever is emerging which puts the potential for a longer (and happier) life back into every person's hands.

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