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5 Tips To Be A Better Runner

by Juliette Salom 9 months ago in fitness
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Run your lil heart out.

5 Tips To Be A Better Runner
Photo by lucas Favre on Unsplash

The hardest part of any runner’s journey is the beginning. There are more reasons to not run than to run, and the first several runs are usually excruciating as all hell. But beyond these tiny hurdles and over these mental barriers is a kind of running that can feel intoxicating, a kind of running that can only be achieved through consistent work and perseverance. Here are five tips to help you get to these runs, not only making you a better runner, but make you enjoy your runs more too.

By Braden Collum on Unsplash
  1. Make a good playlist

Whether it’s long distance or hill sprints, a hella good playlist can make all the difference to your run. I know not everyone listens to music on a run, but if you are a headphones-in-world-out kind of person, it’s worth spending some quality time making a quality playlist. You need songs with a fast tempo, with some sort of beat, something to get you moving and keep you moving. It helps if you include some music you love; there’s nothing better than running to your favourite song.

2. Never run two days in a row

Slow and steady wins the race, especially the long-term race of health and fitness. Although it can feel great to be on that running grind and have the sometimes-rare motivation and enthusiasm to want to run every day, don’t. Running every day, although may feel brilliant, is not worth the pressure and strain you put on your body. As an amateur runner a good rule of thumb is never run two days in a row. Recovery is just as important as the runs, so make sure you spend the time letting your body recover before you send it through the ringer again.

By Chander R on Unsplash

3. Have the right kit

The abundance of athleisure and activewear on the market can spoil us for choice. From compression tights to bike shorts to muscle tanks and sweatshirts, the variety of running gear to choose from means we can both look great and feel great whilst running. But the best running gear isn’t necessarily the most expensive, nor the even has to be running-specific clothes at all; the best gear is the one you feel the most comfortable in. An old pair of shorts and a t-shirt with holes in it will do you just fine if you want, as long as it fits you right and you’re free to move easily in it. If you do splurge on new activewear, test it out on a few shorter, easier runs before you commit to an excruciatingly long run only to find out the high-fashion active shorts give you chaffing all over.

4. Don’t push yourself too hard too soon

Go easy at the start! Runners that try to go too hard too soon are the ones that give up earlier in their careers. Whether you are just starting out running or are just getting back into it, a good tip to remember is that you should never finish a run feeling absolutely exhausted. Finish a run feeling like you could go another mile, like you’ve still got some fuel left in the tank. That way you can bring that enthusiasm to your next run, rather than feel like you never want to run again.

By Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

5. Cool down properly

Just like making sure you recover properly, cooling down properly after a run is just as important as the run itself. To prevent injury, it helps to let your body slow down easily instead of going from 100 to zero. Go for a ten-minute walk to relax your legs and control your breathing, stretch for another ten minutes to help your muscles with their flexibility, and make sure you drink enough water. To be a better runner, your recovery comes first.


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