5 Steps to Achieve a Perfect Smile

by Amelia Grant about a year ago in health

A beautiful smile is required not only for princesses, or Hollywood actresses, but also for everyone who cares about their appearance.

5 Steps to Achieve a Perfect Smile

It is as important as having clean, moisturized skin. But, unfortunately, we have only heredity genes, and a talented dentist to thank for white teeth. And even if you are lucky, and nature gave you a snow-white smile, then caring about your teeth needs to be a daily routine that should not be forgotten. The following five steps will help you have a perfect smile:

1. Brush your teeth properly.

You should brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes. Even if you are tired, and do not get enough sleep, and you dream only of falling into bed, pull yourself together, and follow this mandatory procedure. Only this will help you get rid of bacteria that contribute to the formation of calculus, plaque, and unpleasant smell.

2. Don't forget about regular visits to the dentist.

Getting your teeth cleaned every six months, and regular inspections are important. Teeth cleaning is crucial to the health and appearance of your gums. If you don’t skip this procedure, the gums will have a healthy pink shade. But if your gums are red and inflamed, it may be a symptom of gingivitis or periodontitis. A regular exam is a way to treat any problems before they become more serious.

3. Rinse your mouth with coconut oil.

This is probably a bit of controversial advice. Many do not consider such procedures necessary. However, others refer to the ancient Ayurvedic practice, according to which you should rinse your mouth with coconut oil for 20 minutes, and then brush your teeth. At the same time, toxins accumulated during the night are removed from the body through the salivary glands, and the condition of the gums, and the color of the tooth enamel are also improved.

4. Teeth whitening is important.

Dental teeth whitening is a costly, but a quick and very effective procedure. But if you currently have no time or money to do this procedure, you can buy a tooth whitening pencil, whitening strips, or at least a whitening paste. Whitening toothpaste doesn’t cost much, but will help to keep your teeth white.

5. Watch what you eat and drink.

A juice diet may help to maintain your weight, but think about how it will affect your teeth. Fruits, carbonated drinks, and coffee are dangerous for tooth enamel. But the negative effect can be neutralized. Drink more water–this way you will lower the pH level, and prevent unpleasant smell, and enamel cracks. Candy and wine are a good combination for a date, but try to maintain moderation if you want to have a snow-white smile. It’s best to avoid products with coloring, and if it does not work out–rinse your mouth half an hour after eating.

To keep your teeth strong, you should actively consume mineral substances contained in milk and dairy products. Calcium contained in milk products is necessary for the formation of teeth and their strength. Calcium is also present in radishes. Eat it more often, and your teeth will noticeably get stronger.

Fluoride perfectly strengthens teeth, and prevents the development of cavities. It is contained in big quantities in cereal porridges, fish, bananas, and tea.

Misconceptions about teeth care.

Our bite is formed at an early age. Bite condition depends not only on heredity genes, but also on the care of teeth. In some cases, it is necessary to wear braces that correct the wrong bite. Agree, it is better to correct it in childhood, and in a short time, than being an adult whose teeth have already acquired their final shape and hardness.

In addition, a beautiful correct bite is not only a step towards a "Hollywood" smile, but also a necessary measure for proper digestion: the bite affects how we chew food.

Bad teeth are inherited–this is an excuse for those who badly care for their teeth. Teeth remain healthy or become sick– but this is not a genetic question; everyone is responsible for the state of their own teeth.

Amelia Grant
Amelia Grant
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