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4 important facts about water

by Shehnaaz 7 months ago in health
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water is life

I found out from experts how to properly build a drinking regime, and I discovered four facts that inspired me to drink water more often.

I spoke with experts about proper drinking regime and I want to share the most interesting facts. Drinking water while eating is not only possible, but also necessary

The conventional wisdom is that drinking water with meals is not healthy at all, as water dilutes gastric juice and inhibits digestion. But the famous French nutritionist Pierre Ducan insists that this is not only possible, but also necessary. “If you do not drink while eating, when thirst arises so naturally and when it is so easy and pleasant to drink, you risk killing the feeling of thirst,” he writes in his recently published Russian-language book “I Can't Lose Weight”. - And, being distracted by everyday affairs, completely forget about water for the whole day.

His American counterpart Anatoly Volkov agrees: “You should drink with meals. A large and not the most stupid part of humanity has been doing this for thousands of years - I mean China. And the question is not whether we drink with meals or not, but how much we drink. If the volume of water drunk is comparable to food, then we interfere with digestion. If the volume of drunk is on average a third of the volume eaten, then we compensate for the lack of chewing, lack of saliva and a lot of other moments. "

Water reduces cellulite

This is a joyful discovery for women - from the practice of the same nutritionist Ducan. Using the examples of his patients, he was convinced that food with a minimum of salt in the diet and good quality still water not only helps to lose weight, but also reduces cellulite in the thighs and buttocks.

“Water really helps to reduce cellulite,” comments Ekaterina Belova, nutritionist, chief physician of the Palitra Nutrition Center for Personal Dietetics. - If you don't drink enough, there is a shortage of water inside the cells, they shrink. Outside, between the cells, due to improper nutrition with an excess of sodium (salty food) and a lack of potassium (vegetables and fruits), on the contrary, excess water can accumulate, provoking edema. It is more difficult for a dehydrated body to eliminate toxic substances, organs begin to malfunction. Outwardly, this is manifested by cellulite. When there is enough water, microcirculation is restored and cellulite is reduced. "

By engin akyurt on Unsplash

Dermatocosmetologist Zhanna Mironova advises drinking up to 2 liters of water during the day during the course of anti-cellulite procedures. “General body massage, lymphatic drainage, seaweed wraps, mesotherapy - water enhances the effectiveness of all these procedures. Toxic substances are eliminated faster, minerals and vitamins penetrate into well-hydrated skin easier and deeper. "

The amount of water is more important than its composition

Ordinary tap water does not always meet quality standards, and boiled water contains few useful substances. Therefore, many adherents of a healthy lifestyle strive to replenish the body's fluid supply mainly through fruits and vegetables. The water in them is cleaner and more balanced in composition than ordinary water.

However, Alla Pogozheva, MD, professor at the Research Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, is sure that fruits and vegetables cannot replace water anyway. “Vegetables and fruits actually contain up to about 95% water, and by eating them we get vitamins, minerals, antioxidants,” she says. - But the body also needs to consume the so-called free liquid - water and various drinks. The physiological norm of free liquid is about 1.5 liters per day. "

The point of drinking water, by and large, is to activate the cleansing work of the kidneys. The quantity (four to six glasses of water per day) is more important here than the composition.

Low-mineralized water is ideal for cooking

Soups, thick stews and stews, tea, coffee - if you cook these dishes and drinks in low-mineralized water (mineralization level less than 50 ml / l), nutrients from them are absorbed faster and better.

“The fact is that such water acts as an excellent solvent,” explains Olga Butkova, PhD in Chemistry, Deputy Director of the Institute for the Expertise of Mineral Waters, an expert on water certification. “In addition, it can be drunk without restrictions, in contrast to medicinal mineral water with a high level of mineralization (500 ml / l and above)."

By the way, such water can also heal. For example, drinking plenty of fluids has been shown to relieve symptoms of the common cold, sore throat, and arthritis. In the case of arthritis, water acts as a lubricant for the bones. It frees a sore throat and a stuffy nose from bacteria, relieving pain. In general, if you are sick - another reason to take a few sips.

Finally, an important point: taking three to five small sips as often as possible throughout the day is healthier than drinking a large glass of water every hour or two.


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