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20 Bizarre Ways To Burn Calories

by Jean Sbeinati 8 days ago in weight loss

Learn fun and easy facts about burning calories

Learn interesting and simple facts about burning calories. An average-sized person burns about 2,400 calories every day without exercising.

The results are based on people with an average weight of 150 pounds.

#1 Depending on the volume and pitch of the voice, singing in the shower can burn an additional 10 to 20 calories per song.

#2 Laughing for 10 minutes can burn 20 to 40 calories.

#3 You burn about 200 Calories during 30 minutes of active behavior.

#4 If you hit your head against the wall, you will consume 150 calories per hour.

#5 Brush your teeth for an average of three minutes will Burn 10 calories per minute.

#6 Pushing the shopping cart into the aisle for half an hour will burn more than 100 calories, this number increases with the amount you put in your trolley and the heavier it gets.

#7 Sitting in front of the TV for an hour will burn about 65 calories.

#8 Smoking a cigarette burns about 10 calories.

#9 Dancing on the dance mat for 10 minutes will burn 50 to 60 calories.

#10 Hug for an hour can burn 70 calories.

#11 Shaking the rhythm of the Willow Smith song back and forth will burn up to 50 calories, depending on how crazy you go.

#12 A one-minute kiss can burn 2-4 calories, depending on how intimate it is.

#13 A person burns 7 percent more calories walking on hard ground than walking on sidewalks.

#14 You burn more calories than you consume when you eat celery.

#15 If you walk your dog for 30 minutes, you will burn an average of 100 calories.

#16 You burn more calories sitting in the cold than in the heat.

#17 Chewing gum burns 11 calories an hour.

#18 You can burn up to 350 more Calories per day if you fidget, rather than someone who remains stationary.

#19 Texting constantly can burn 40 calories an hour.

#20 Missing a night of sleep causes the body to burn about an extra 161 calories.

A closer look at physical activity and metabolism

Although you don't have much control over the basal metabolic rate, you can control the number of calories burned after exercise. The more active you are, the more calories you burn.

Those who are thought to have a fast metabolism may be more active and even more agitated than others. Aerobic exercise is the most effective way to burn calories. These activities include hiking, cycling and swimming. Normally, at least 30 minutes of physical exercise are required in your daily activities.

If you want to lose weight or reach certain fitness goals, you may need to spend more time exercising. If you cannot spend more time exercising, please try 10 minutes of exercise throughout the day.

Remember, the more active you are, the more useful you are. Experts also recommend that you do strength exercises such as weightlifting at least twice a week. Weight training is important because it helps build muscles. Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue. Any other exercise will help burn calories.

Find a way to walk and exercise a few more minutes a day than the previous day. Climbing the stairs more frequently and parking farther away from the store are easy ways to burn more calories. Even activities such as gardening, car washing, and housework burn calories and promote weight loss.

No magic bullet

Don't turn to nutritional supplements to burn calories or lose weight. Foods that claim to accelerate metabolism are usually excessive rather than beneficial, and certain foods may cause harmful or even harmful side effects.

In order to prove that its products are safe or effective, please check these products carefully. Always let your doctor know what supplements you are taking. There is no easy way to lose weight.

According to physical exercise and diet. Eat fewer calories than burned calories, and you will lose weight as a result. American dietary guidelines recommend reducing 500-700 calories a day to reduce 0.1 kg.5 to 0.7 kg). If you can do some exercise during the day, then you will reach your weight loss goal faster.

So, these were some bizarre facts about burning calories ! Hope you enjoyed reading.

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