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15 Signs Your Need A Full Body Cleanse

by Alecia Brown 12 months ago in health

Sometimes your liver and kidneys need help working the best they can. It's up to you to make sure they don't get overworked.

There is a stigma when it come's to having to assist with the process of detoxifying your own body. There are many healthcare professionals who feel that there is no need for you to have to detoxify your body.

However, every single particle that enters your body, leave traces behind when they are exiting out. Over time, it begins to build up like dust on TV. Your body then begins to see the toxins as nutrients of some sort.

This is where things get bad, once your body starts feeding off the toxins, you start to have signs of toxin overload. Once you hit that point, it's time to cleanse your body the best that you can.

Detox Facts:

- The average person is carrying around 20 lbs or more of waste in their gut before they do their first detox.

- Skin issues such as rashes, acne, eczema etc is caused because the toxins are perceived as poison, and they are trying to escape. Eating organize fruits and veggies can help prevent skin problems.

- Plastics can cause hormone imbalances. They cause a synthetic mixture of hormones that "acts" like estrogen. They are called xenoestrgens.

Where Toxins Can Come From:

-Lifestyle: Such as chemicals that come from prescription medications, alcohol consumption, tobacco usage, processed foods, sugar consumption and overdoing caffeine.

-Environmental- Occurs from things like industrial pollution, bad air quality, living in areas that have an abundance of vehicles driving around, cosmetics, perfumes, radiation, herbicides, pesticides, water and/or hairspray.

-Emotional- Stress, Trauma that can affect hormones and the nervous system.

-Metabolic Reactions- Is caused when your body doesnt have enough nutrients, so it breaks down the fats, sugars and proteins and turns them into waste.

- Intestinal Microbes- When your gastrointestinal tract has an overgrowth of yeast and bacteria, Candida Overgrowth has begun. Once it has hit your blood stream, it causes a bunch of health issues. You need a different kind of detox for this toxin.

Signs You Need A Full Body Detox

  1. Fatigue
  2. Weight Gain/Trouble Losing Weight
  3. Inability To Sleep Throughout The Night
  4. Concentration Issues
  5. Sore Joints
  6. Craving For Sweets
  7. Clean Eating Doesn't Make You Feel "Healthy"-
  8. Digestive Issues
  9. Non Seasonal Allergies
  10. Constantly Feeling Stressed
  11. Hormones' Are Out Of Control- Severe PMS
  12. Body Odors Are Worse Than Ever
  13. Sleep Patterns Are Messed Up
  14. Feeling Depressed Or Anxious
  15. Prone To Cold Sores

Types Of Cleanses You Can Try

Not all cleanses are the same, just as not every person is the same. We all react differently to certain chemicals, minerals etc. It's not just prescription medication's that cause reactions. Even something as simple as CLA can give people an allergic reaction. So when deciding on a cleanse, you need to make sure there are different types.

JUICE CLEANSE- This type of cleanse requires some research to find out how much of each item you're going to need. You need to have a blender handy, as well as about 30 different fruit and veggies. And you might also need to add in some extra magnesium while you're at it. This one is just too much for me to handle.

COMPLETE SET UP- This means a cleanse that the whole thing is ready to go for you. You don't need to buy anything else. It comes with everything you need for the entire cleanse duration. This is the one I use, mainly because its more convenient in the long run.

ADDING SUPPLEMENTS TO YOUR DAILY ROUTINE- A supplement called Milk Thistle is used to help detox your liver.

DIET CHANGES- Adding lemon to your water, salads and other meals can help get the detox process started. People also use olive oil to help cleanse as well.

VITAMIN C FLUSH- Also known as a ascorbate cleanse. It is said that an abundant amount of Vitamin C helps rid the body of many different types of toxins.

CANDIDA CLEANSE- Candida is healthy in normal amounts. But when it gets to the point that its overgrown, problems will start. In the above section of " Intestinal Microbes" I mention this. In order to get rid of Candida Overgrowth, you need to start putting the good bacteria back into your body. You start that by eating yogurt and taking an Acidophilus supplement. Once the candida starts to die off, you will feel the affects. This includes fatigue, another other signs. If it gets too bad, cut down the amount you are taking. Also, make sure to take a laxative, or increase your fiber so you can get all the die off out of your system.

Medical Disclaimer

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Alecia Brown

29 yr old mother of 3 amazing kids. I work from home as a writer and out of the house as a Regional Manager for Assurance Wireless. At the end of the day all that matter's is that my family is taken care of. I try. <3

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Alecia Brown
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