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10 Keto Foods to Give Your Meals Options

by Theo James Taylor 3 months ago in diet

Ingredients Every Keto Dieter Should Buy for Their Kitchen

10 Keto Foods to Give Your Meals Options
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Going Keto can help you lose weight by utilizing high fat and low carbohydrate options in order to burn fat instead of glucose. The Keto Diet restricts your carbohydrates, so planning meals can be tricky. In this list, you’ll find Keto ingredients you should have in your kitchen at all times to make meal planning easy.

I personally find that planning my meals and snacks ahead of time is a helpful way not to fall into bad habits. If you surround yourself with high carb options, you won’t be able to resist. So instead, keep these 10 Keto ingredients in your house, and you’ll always be ready to go.

#1: Eggs

I personally love eggs, they are such a variable food. Go nuts with eggs in the morning and have them whatever way you like best, great in omelettes and quiches! If you are feeling more adventurous, look for carbless frittata options! Hardboiled eggs are also a great way to punch up salads and devilled eggs can be a great snack.

#2: Bacon

Bacon is an incredibly high fat meat, which makes it perfect to add to a variety of meals if you’re struggling to get your fat content higher than your protein. Perfect for breakfast, as a garnish for your salads, or as a topping for savory vegetable dishes. Make sure to save the bacon fat as well, as it can be quite useful to fry other meals in, and can raise your fat content.

#3: Cheese

Honestly any cheese will do, from cream cheese to shredded or even more exotic varieties. I love dipping bell peppers in melted brie, but that’s just me. Cream cheese is used for keto recipes involving pizza crusts and some desserts. Cheddar is, of course, a staple in taco meat, salad topping and low-carb pizzas ( I love the ones with cauliflower crusts)!

#4 Romaine Lettuce

Might not be as fun as some of the others, but romaine fills out a quick salad with a bit of extra crunch. Beyond that though, romance can be used for burger buns, chicken wraps and even taco shells. Use your imagination and look up some recipes, you’d be amazed what people are using Romaine for!

#5: Spinach

In the same category as Romaine, but a bit more variable. I throw spinach in almost everything. I use it in my eggs in the morning, I throw it in the pan with my chicken at night. I personally even put it on my pizza and in my wraps, but that’s just me. Spinach is also high in iron, which can make you feel like you have more energy.

#6: Cauliflower

Cauliflower is pretty much a god-send for those enjoying the Keto Diet. If you have cauliflower and a food processor you can make almost anything. You can eat it by itself or turn it into mashed potatoes, into rice or even into pizza crusts. I’m not kidding when I say Cauliflower will keep you on Keto forever.

#7: Chicken Breast

You can buy it fresh and cook a bunch at a time to meal prep, or you can get a large box of frozen. Personally, I don’t always have the time to meal prep so I often do the latter. I eat a lot of chicken, usually serving as my protein with a nice stack of vegetables. In order to not get bored, create a variety of spice mixtures and then add them to the chicken with some olive oil and bake them ahead of time. This allows you to have entirely different flavors with each meal.

#8: Ground Beef

Works great if you do get tired of chicken, or want to shake it up a bit, ground beef has a higher fat content though if you’re including lots of fats in other places. You can make burgers with lots of toppings, or use it as a taco salad. You can even make very tasty meatball recipes for snacks, something I often do for football games.

#9: Almonds

Almonds and a few other nuts can be a good quick snack as their fat content is quite high. However, they do have some carbs, so make sure you are counting the number you’re eating if you’re aiming for a low threshold.

#10: Artificial Sweetener

While normally I don’t recommend these kinds of things, they can help cut down on a few carbs if you’re someone that is hoping to keep using it in their coffee or tea. Just make sure you check for a natural brand and make sure it doesn’t have carbs in it.

And there you have it! The Keto diet is an effective way to lose weight, but it struggles in its tight restrictions. So by planning ahead, and making sure you have these Keto ingredients in your kitchen, you can make sure you’re on top of the game. As long as you keep these 10 items in your fridge or pantry, you’ll almost always be ready to make a good meal.

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