Your Fun Christmas Advent

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Reading & Activity Christmas Advent

Your Fun Christmas Advent

Soon enough Christmas will be upon us. Which, for me, means lots of Christmas book reading and Christmas crafts with the little one. Over the last few years we have gathered a selection of Christmas books for our Book Advent and gained lots of Christmas crafts for our activity Advent. Reading and creating every day up until Christmas makes us feel extra Christmasy and we wanted to share our books and activities with you so that you can join in on the fun. I know it seems early, but everyone needs time to prepare.

Below you will find a Christmas book for every day of Advent, along with a Christmas activity that you and your children can enjoy.

Book Advent—One for each day of Advent

  1. The Snowman by Raymond Briggs
  2. Little Robbin Red Vest by Jan Fearnley
  3. One Snowy Night by Nick Butterworth
  4. Mr. Christmas by Roger Hargreaves
  5. Brambly Hedge ‘Winter’ Winter Story’ by Jill Barklem
  6. Mogs Christmas by Judith Kerr
  7. Christmas Stories by Enid Blyton (25 stories)
  8. Harry the Christmas Mouse by N.G.K
  9. Big Bear, Little Bear by David Bedford
  10. Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs
  11. Stick Man by Julia Donaldson
  12. Is it Christmas Yet? by Jane Chapman
  13. The Best Christmas Ever by Marni McGee
  14. Christmas in Exeter Street by Diana Hendry
  15. Ten Christmas Wishes by Claire Freedman
  16. The Jolly Christmas Postman by Allan and Janet Ahlberg
  17. The Christmas Eve Tree by Delia Huddy
  18. The Nutcracker by Michael Hague
  19. Mrs Pepperpots Christmas by Alf Proysen
  20. Mouse's Christmas Wish by Judi Abbot
  21. The Snowman and the Snowdog by Raymond Briggs
  22. Is it Christmas by John Prater
  23. The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg
  24. The Night Before Christmas by Clement C Moore

Activity Advent—One for each day of Advent

1. Fake Snow

Mix baking powder with hair conditioner until you have the desired consistency, then have fund playing in the snow.

Fake Snow Recipe

  • 1⁄2 cup Hair Conditioner
  • 1 cup Baking Powder
  • How to: Tip your baking powder into a bowl and pour in your conditioner. Mix with a spoon and then tip onto your desired surface.

Make it extra festive by adding some glitter.

2. Green handprint wreath

Print several handprints onto paper using green paint. Allow to dry, and cut out. Stick onto a cardboard wreath and add a lovely red bow.

3. No bake clay Santa decorations

  • Mix 1 part PVA glue with 2 parts cornflour.
  • Mix and then knead out any lumps.
  • Roll out and stamp a handprint in the middle.
  • Cut around the hand leaving a border.
  • Poke a hole through the top and allow to dry overnight.
  • Then paint and draw on your outline.
  • Hang with ribbon.
  • 4. Footprint Reindeer Cards

    Using brown paint stamp a footprint onto the front of a plain card. Allow to dry then draw on antlers. Stick on some googly eyes and a red Pom-Pom nose.

    5. Paper chains

    Cut strips of coloured paper all at the same width then, using glue or double sided tape, stick them together to create a chain.

    6. Write a letter to Santa

    This is a great activity to help children develop their writing skills with an element of fun and excitement. Also check online as various places provide addresses for you to send your letters and get a response from Santa.

    7. Create a Christmas bunting for the fireplace.

    Let your creative juices flow. Draw Christmas pictures or cut out little card Christmas Trees, decorate them and then attach to ribbon to hang.

    8. Visit Santa

    Visiting Santa is a lovely way to enjoy Christmas. Don’t forget to take pictures with Santa and one with the elves. They make great memories and you could even use them as Christmas cards for family.

    9. Sing Carols with instruments

    Have a music packed morning/afternoon singing carols with different instruments. Example: Jingle Bells whilst ringing bells.

    10. Watch a Christmas movie

    There is nothing quite like the magic of a Christmas movie. So get some popcorn and snuggle down. Don’t forget blankets to make it extra warm and cosy.

    11. Do some Christmas Colouring

    A nice chilled and quiet activity. There are some great pictures you can print online of Christmas things, or draw and colour your own.

    12. Christmas fun bath

    Tint bathwater with bath paint or food colouring. Blow up small coloured balloons for baubles and add glow sticks for the lights.

    13. Winter walk to see the lights

    At Christmas time there are lots of lights to be seen. But check out your local paper as some roads will often all decorate their houses to raise money for charity. Children will love seeing all the magically lit houses.

    14. Make Christmas tree decorations

    A yearly tradition that everyone can get involved in. Sit and make decorations for the tree. This is something you can do year on year. It will be lovely to see what the children come up with each year.

    15. Decorate your own Christmas jumper

    This is a really fun activity and kids will love decorating their own jumper to wear on Christmas Day.

    16. Make an angel for the tree

    You can use all manner of craft materials for this. But the old wooden pegs work really well as the main body.

    17. Pine cone Christmas trees

    Go for a walk and collect some pine cones. When you get home you can sit and paint them to look like trees. For younger toddlers you can put the paint and cone into a freezer bag and they can shake them up to cover the cones. This is also a lot less messy. Once dry make them into a lovely Christmas scene or Christmas tree farm.

    18. Snowflakes for the windows

    This super easy activity is full of joy and excitement. Fold paper in half, then again and again. Ensuring you don’t cut all the way down your folded sides cut out chunks of paper. Then unfold and stick to windows.

    19. Felt Christmas tree

    Cut a Christmas tree shape out of green felt and glue a star to the top and pot to the bottom. Then cut circles from different coloured felts and let children decorate it. They can do this time and time again or once finished you can stick the felt down and hang somewhere for all to see.

    20. Snow globe Sensory jar

    Using an old jar, glue some wintery characters and scenery to the inside of the lid with waterproof glue. Allow to dry. Once dry, put some glitter into the jar with a little glycerin and top up with cool boiled water. Add some more waterproof glue to the top and place the lid on sealing it shut with your wintery scene currently upside down. Once you have allowed to dry turn the right way up and watch the glitter snow down.

    21. Make Pom-pom Decorations

    Make white pom-poms and thread them onto cotton. Then hang like snow.

    22. Bake gingerbread men to eat with hot chocolate

    One those cold wintery days, it’s nice to stay in with some warm comforts. Either bake from scratch or get ready made gingerbread and bake. Decorate and enjoy with hot chocolate.

    23. Make magic reindeer food

    On Christmas Eve eve it’s good to make some magic reindeer food for Rudolph. Mix porridge oats with glitter and sequins. Then put it in the fridge ready to leave out on Christmas Eve.

    24.Candy Cane Hunt

    Because preparation on Christmas Eve can be key to getting everything done keep excited children occupied by sending them on a candy cane hunt around the house. Tell them how many there are to find so that it helps with their counting skills too. Leaving you with some time to get things ready for the big day.

    I hope you enjoy getting in the Christmas spirit with us.

    Charlotte Fay
    Charlotte Fay
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