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Why I Shop at Target and Why You Should Too

The hype of Target isn't exaggerated, it's totally worth it.

By Stephanie RosasPublished 2 years ago 7 min read
Why I Shop at Target and Why You Should Too
Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

Let me begin by stating that I didn’t always shop at Target. In fact, at one point, I considered it bougie and expensive. As a kid, I thought Target was the place that rich, white folks went to because they could afford to pay more for no reason. And although now I know that’s not the case, I still get the occasional, “you shop at Target? That’s SO expensive!”


In fact, Target is pretty darn amazing in my book. And I’m about to share all my Target love for you.

The Switch: When I Fell For Target

Growing up, my mom was an avid Walmart shopper and occasionally a BJ or Costco shopper. She vouched that Walmart was the answer to all our problems. She always swore they had the best deals and no matter what it was she needed, she’d go to Walmart first. In fact, she loved them so much that when we’d go on vacations, she’d make sure to pick a rental or hotel that had a Walmart nearby (Fun fact: she still does). A huge reason for her love for Walmart was their affordable prices and their ability to be the ultimate convenient store having everything she needed from groceries to pet supplies to home accessories. Without a second thought, when I became an adult who did her own groceries I continued going to Walmart. It made perfect sense as a college student to continue to do all my groceries in one place at an affordable price.

So if Walmart was so great then why did I stop going there?

For starters, I still occasionally go there, but it is not my first choice. From time to time, I do find that Walmart might have the best deals or be the most accessible for me sometimes. This article isn't specifically to bash or hate on any other grocery store, but more for explaining why Target is my go-to grocery store. The main reason I started shopping at Target over any other store is because at one point Target was the closest store for me. According to a study done in 2016, most grocery shoppers won't drive more than 15 minutes for daily necessities. That's me, I'm one of the average consumers who doesn't want to drive far for what she needs. Target was a quick drive down a main street when I moved to Jacksonville, so I very frequently popped in to buy groceries and started to realize that I had the wrong impression all along. Target was similar to Walmart in many ways: they offered everything I needed in one location at an affordable price.

By why kei on Unsplash

But Aren't They Super Expensive???

This is a Target Myth that we need to dismantle. I once compared my grocery receipt at Target to other local stores and found that my total at Target was only a few bucks more than Walmart and a few less than Publix and Winn Dixie (Hint hint: I'm from Florida). So to say Target is expensive is kind of a reach because you'd be spending about the same as most grocery stores. But, if you're anything like me, you need more proof. So lets do it!

Below I have two images of how much Frosted Flakes (24oz box) would cost at Target and at Walmart. There is a literal one cent difference. Most name brand objects in both stores are priced the same or only vary a cent or two.

Walmart Frosted Flakes 24oz Price

Target Frosted Flakes 24oz Price

However, I have found that certain goods Target sells may be more compared to other grocery stores (like their meats and eggs), but typically the products at Target have a way longer shelf life when purchased compared to other stores. Paying 30 more cents is fine by me especially if it means my chicken isn't going bad if I don't use it within 24-48 hours. When their products are reaching their expiration dates, they also offer huge discounts varying from $3-$5 depending on the product. I have definitely bought chicken and eggs at a cheaper price at Target than at any other store.

Vegetables and fruits at Target always seem to be fresher too and last way longer. My strawberries and blueberries aren't rotting within a day or two. My bananas are not black from the moment of purchase. My broccoli and asparagus aren't mushy and dull colored. Throughout college I dreaded buying fresh fruits and vegetables, feeling my money would go to waste because they would grow mold or rot before I could eat them all. Since I started shopping at Target, I rarely have that problem and the fruit tend to taste better too. My personal witness to this claim is my father-in-law who says he enjoys the mandarins I buy from Target more than the one he buys at his local supermarket. Although the mandarins and oranges he purchases are cheaper by almost a dollar, they tend to be dried out or no good if not eaten within a few days. In the long run, with Target, you are having to buy less frequently because of how long their goods last.

The Perks: Target Circle and Target Card

The perks were the major reason for my faithfulness to Target. When I found out they had an app I quickly hopped on thinking it would be a reward system like Starbucks or Chick Fil-A. Unfortunately, Target Circle isn't based on a reward system, but instead they give you access to a large collections of coupons and discounts. The app will create an algorithm based on your shopping and suggest coupons for you. The app also has weekly ads of the best deals you can find in store. Many times Target will offer gift cards for spending over a certain amount on specific products. For example, it's pretty common that Target will offer a $15 gift card if you spend $100 or more on baby products. As a mom, it's very easy to spend $100 on baby products, so often I will wait on this sale to stock up on necessities saving myself, in the long run, a bunch of money!

When you combine a Target card with the Target Circle app, you truly get the most for your money. I applied for a credit card through them and on every purchase I get an extra 5% off when I use the card to pay. Since I have been using the credit card (and consistently paying it off), Target has also helped me improve my credit. Basically, credit bureaus have noticed my love for Target and applauded me for it.

Remember, how a moment ago we discussed how sometimes there may be a price gap between Target and other stores on certain products; well, with the 5% discount, the coupons, and the gift cards, I have paid way less at Target than anywhere else.

By Josh Appel on Unsplash

The 1-3-5 Section

With prices going up all around us, the 1-3-5 section at Target is by far my favorite. A condensed collection of cute knickknacks ranging from socks to house décor; you won't spend more than $5 on anything in this section. Although seasonal objects are the ones on display, Target has plenty of dollar items all around their stores. They strategically display their dollar items throughout typically having them concentrated towards the front of each department. I've definitely purchased items from Target at a cheaper price than what a regular dollar store would have. Now, sometimes you have to see Targets prices for its quality or quantity and not just a regular price comparison. For example, the other day, I bought a pack of plastic clothes hangers from Target for $2. My local dollar store offered similar hangers for $1. The dollar store, however, had a pack of 6 plastic hangers, and Target offered 14. Even though Target is more expensive, in the end, they were technically cheaper due to the quantity it offered.

Target Really Is A Wonderful Place To Shop

In so many ways, they save me money and time. Their stores are always clean and presentable with plenty of staff. Since I'm an avid coffee drinker, they satisfy my caffeine necessities with their in-store Starbucks, and best of all, every time I scan my app I get to vote for the charities Target donates to. Personally, shopping at Target feels like a win-win-win (as Michael Scott would say).


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