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White Smile’s Secrets

by Muhammad Siraj 9 months ago in how to

Top Whitening Secrets to Make Your Smile Brighter

With the passage of time and thanks to aging, our white smile begins to be damaged by yellowish spots. Consuming some foods and drinks can accelerate the darkening of the teeth. Without a doubt, it is a health problem that in turn affects self-esteem. Luckily here you can learn tips to keep your white smile for longer.

Teeth Whitening Strips

Home whitening strips are very thin. Its components include peroxide-based whitening gel. You need to use it a few minutes a day, for weeks. It all depends on the product instructions. The results of this alternative are not as effective as whitening kits, but it is an easier process. Get advanced whitening with professional effects from Crest 3D White Whitestrips. For a brilliantly whiter smile, they strip up to 14 years of surface stains. The professional results of Crest Whitening Strips UK are as if it were a teeth eraser. After three days, you'll see a whiter face and full performance 20 days from now.

The competent result of Crest has no fall ensures that the strips continue until you take them off so that when you whiten your teeth you can speak and even drink water. The exclusive FlexFit technology lets the strips spread over your tooth to cover an unflexing strip by up to 30%. In the pharmacy you can buy products to whiten your teeth at home. They are available without a dentist's prescription. It is a mild bleach to avoid yellowish stains on your teeth. In general, its coverage works on those superficial stains that you want to remove to have your smile white.

Intensity of Bleaches

If you are looking for a home whitening kit with greater effects, you can opt for those that contain carbamide peroxide. These components have the ability to change the color of your teeth. They are usually the best option for deep stains. These home whitening kits are applied in gel. They bring their own supplies, for example: a small brush, so you can apply the product on the surface of the teeth.

Whitening toothpaste

It is possible to have a white smile if you select the most efficient toothpaste for this task. To see the results in your teeth it is necessary that you apply oral cleaning techniques several times a day. A toothpaste will not change the color of your teeth, but it will help keep them clean.

Remedial Measures

Baking soda with a toothbrush is one of the best known techniques. But there are foods that can help you. For example, apples, celery, pears and carrots when consumed accelerate the production of saliva. This makes your mouth naturally clean and free of bacteria that want to lodge on the surface of your teeth creating a yellowish layer.


There is no use applying whitening techniques if you do not avoid the factors that stain your teeth. Some drinks like coffee and wine can stain your teeth. Like soda and dark tea. The cigarette habit is harmful if you are looking for a white smile, since the components of this product damage the health of your teeth.

Avoid smoking

If you want a white smile, you should completely avoid smoking. Tobacco causes brown stains that have the ability to penetrate the grooves of tooth enamel, causing wear.

Monitor the effects of some medications

Some antibiotics like tetracycline cause staining of teeth. It could even cause negative effects on children's smiles. Other medications that could harm your white smile are antihistamines, antipsychotics, and medications that control blood pressure.

Hygiene is always important

Do not forget that to show off healthy and bright teeth it is necessary that you do not neglect your oral cleaning methods. Remember that you must keep your teeth clean after each meal, and prevent bacteria from staying in your mouth. It is recommended that you brush your teeth more than twice a day.

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