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Where does the lid go? Fun Kitchen hack

The hacks you never knew you needed

By Anastasia SPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Cooking, some may call it an art, while others may call it a necessity. We all do it every day, some of us maybe even multiple times a day. And with cooking, come cooking utensils and dishes. Lots of them, too many of them at times I might add. For a person that cooks an average amount of times per week like myself, I have too many cooking items each designed for one or more uses. And I am going to be honest here and confess that i use the same "favorite" ones again and again.

One thing though, I always love discovering new fun kitchen hacks. I enjoy any type of hack that will make my life easier or give me a good laugh while trying to replicate it. Today I want to highlight a very particular item that is present in everyone's kitchens. It usually comes in a variety of sizes and we never know how to store them.

A simple lid has so many uses and can help us save so much time while cooking. Did you know that, for instance, while cooking on the hob, it can take twice as long to heat a saucepan of water without a lid as it would take with the lid on? It is all about where the heat goes. Now if we think about it, it also helps us save some energy or gas depending on the type of oven we have. If by adding a lid on our pans while cooking or trying to boil our veggies reduces the time by half, it also reduces our energy or gas consumption. This can only mean savings long term. And I am all about looking for my money, but also the environment. Every small change is a step.

Lid hacks time!

My first pot that, with the right balancing technique it works.

A balancing act (the fun one)

I started to wonder what to do with all these lids I use while I make dinner. Usually, I just end up putting them all over the kitchen. I do the "where to put it dance" until it cools off a bit and then look for targets. I use the wooden chopping board or kitchen towels as they would be the closest to the oven. If I feel like a trip, okay a few steps, I quickly drop it slowly into the sink.

It wasn't until a friend was visiting me and we were making dinner together that my mind was blown. He showed me a fun hack he learnt: that you can just place it on the side of the pan if your saucepan has small handles. And my life has been changed forever.

Second pot that works instantly.

It won't work with all of the pots, but it does work with the majority of them. For instance, it only works with two out of the three types of pots I have - I had to try it with every one I had.


Be careful as the lid will still be hot when placing it on the side. It will still take time to cool off.

Expandable lid organiser you can find on Amazon

Lid extendable organiser (the life-changer one)

I came across this wonderful pot lid organiser on Amazon a few years back while helping my parents organise their kitchen and the lid shelf has never been the same. The really cool part about it is that it extends so you can adjust to your needs and shelf. You can make it smaller so it can also fit normal plates or you can extend it fully for various size pot lids. You might also be able to store frying pans too. It makes kitchen organisation so much fun, but also it is so easy to use. My parents use it in their cabinets in the kitchen, but it can also be used on walls or worktops.

Another benefit of it is that once you are done with it or if you are moving places, you can easily collapse it and the item itself doesn't occupy a lot of space.

Amazon link here

My expandable lid storage with two of my lids

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed this story! Would really appreciate if you leave a heart or any tip is more than welcomed. You can also check out any of my other articles here!

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