What it takes to be free!

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Free your mind and find divine energy

What it takes to be free!
The choice is always your my friend.

Grand rising my friend how are you? How is your mental state? When was the last time you decided to sit down and actually ask yourself, How free do I want to be in life?

Hi, my name is Keion Jones I am 25 years stable. I graduated high school, I was in the military (National Guard), I enjoy outdoors and most importantly I enjoy spending time with my 7 year old child! Over the course, an notice I said the course, of my life I’ve learned so much and I’ve failed way more times then you can think of. There’s been times when I felt like I should give up and stay stuck in the cycle of life and times when I’m so pumped and excited because things are looking up for me in life. I want you to understand this first no matter what life brings your way or how many times you feel like it’s never getting better, you have to remember life is literally not for pretend but literally what you make it and I’ll explain if you ready to take it all in and not fake it in the end because sooner or later you are going to make it but you have to have faith kid. Now I know you may be an adult reading this but as far as the mind goes we are all kids until we grow and develop our minds. Okay you ready, here the moment we’ve all been waiting for so sit back take a deep breath (1,2,3) relax and just enjoy but don’t forget to smile!

If your ready tune in if not vibe out there more to feel here than to see and read! FYI that’s my design cool huh, thank you!!

Now here’s where things get interesting. Ask yourself, are you living to die or are you dying to live? The first time I was ever asked that I was told not to answer that question. I bet you’re wondering why aren’t you, I know I was. But it done something to me that I will never forget no matter how many times I’ve bumped my head and forget things that’s one question I’ll never let go of. I went through each day continuing to ask myself this very question, then it dawned on me. I was told not to answer it before because I needed to ask myself this very question everyday, so I did. This is what I found out by asking me myself this simple but powerful question? Oh don’t forget the simplest things are always the most impactful. I found out that over the course of living and all the things I had planned out for my life that I was actually living to die and not dying to live. Everyday we as human beings have so much we want to accomplish and achieve but yet we work a 9-5 job daily thinking that one day I'll save up enough to have this or have that. Sorry to break it to you but working for someone else's dream and not your own I promise you that you will never actually get where you want to be and if you do you are probably someone grandparent by now. remember that time as a kid when you had a dream of becoming the next president (no, okay cool me either) or you wanted to be on tv or famous or just someone who could make a huge impact on the world for your life. What changed that for you? Was it high school, was it friends or family, or was it simply your lack of belief that you could actually do it? Think about it seriously! I know for me all of the above played a huge part in me living to die because every day or even night I was fighting my dreams and telling myself I could never get there because of the way my life was going working all the time and I never had time to actually sit and think about what I wanted out of life anymore. Is this you? If you answered yes to that let's now go into why this may have happened for you, you ready? Now this may not be easy for you to understand as it wasn't for me at first but I just ask you hear me out please. Once upon a time we all went to school right? Most had a plan for what we would go to college for also right? Yes 98% of people all have some sort of plan rather you see it or not. But answer this for me, why is kindergarten through 12th grade free but college cost money to go. Yes I get it's not always the case but you get what I am saying hopefully right? Okay cool, because why would they teach us in high school how to do research and use the internet for this and that for FREE but when you get to college you have to pay to learn? Have you ever thought about that? To me that just never made sense until I got older and actually start asking myself questions which leads into my next topic of finding out answers that you never thought you could find out without asking other people when in reality you've had the answers all along.

How many times have you asked yourself for the help you are looking for before you ask anyone else? If you are anything like me that answer is hardly ever. Nobody ever really thinks to ask themselves for help they always go to google, which i might add is a good source or they tend to find help elsewhere. To many times we has humans have so much we want to know but yet do not know where to look so we just think we will find the answers one day hoping and praying that it just hits us but let me be the first to say, it does not work that way. Try this the next time you decide to ask someone for help or advice about anything try asking yourself and give yourself time to process and answer your own question. I have found that even in the worse moments when you find yourself drowning from pain or mental stability that in those moments you find out who you really are. If you have not already please do yourself a favor and trust yourself because you will never let yourself down unless you just do not care about yourself in general and if you made it this far there is no way you do not care.

Ask yourself this question!!

Now this is the part where most people lose interest I'm just being honest so if you continue from here just know you are well on your way to understanding that there is always a way for you no matter how bad things may look for you today, tomorrow or the next day never stop looking for a way because today could be that day for you!

So I see you decided to keep reading but this part causes for a whole different type of reading so please feel free let me know if you actually would like to know how I found my freedom within my mind to help me better shine and go through life always smiling even during the darkest and hardest times of my life and it really did change my life!! Hope you enjoyed getting to know me as I would enjoy getting to know you. Thank you for reading I speak nothing but peace, love and happiness in every present moment given to you, PEACE!

Keion Jones
Keion Jones
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