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What Do You Like Best?

A Question I Seldom Answer

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 3 min read
True Romance

“What did you like best?” is a question that I can seldom answer. This is possibly because I have a holistic view of almost everything, be it work , pleasure , places , food , music or film. I look at the item as a whole.

When I go to a restaurant I usually have a big choice of food and try to vary what I have to eat , but I often stray to favourite areas without designating a favourite. I go because their menu and their service is good and often my choices are made on the spur of the moment.

The other thing is how often are you in a restaurant and see another person's meal and think “I wish I had had that”, although my feeling when that happens is “I will try that next time”. Again it’s about the whole experience not a single facet.

Then you will talk about places and very often I love the feel of a city or village , because it is made up of lots if interesting building and places to go and people. One interesting place or thing does not make something worth it in my opinion so when someone asks me what if my favourite thing about say Whitby, I cannot say that anything is the best thing. It has my favourite hotel , La Rosa , it has the Abbey and the Dracula connections, it has the Magpie Café , the river the Abbey Steps , all of these things combine to make a lovely place , but I do not have a favourite bit of Whitby. Whitby id just lovely , and this is true of many other places.

Then there are TV series and films . I am currently watching “Bosch” and have recently caught up with “Lucifer” but if someone were to ask me my favourite episode, scene or character I couldn’t tell you because the thing that makes them so entertaining and enticing for me is the writing , the characters and the actors who bring them to life.

I seldom binge watch but these two series have almost made me do that with the latest series, but no part of them is my favourite apart from a little regret when they come to an end.

That takes me on to books and my favourite book is “Imajica” , but this is my preference. It’s probably not the best book ever but it is my favourite because it talkies me on a journey through five dominions and I never want it to end as it seems to be always opening new doors for me. This is the first favourite I have confessed to in this story and there are a few more , but it’s the entity that is the favourite not an event in it or a scene. “Imajica” for me is literary perfection, but it is not everyone's idea of a great or even good read.

Then there’s my favourite album , “Future Games” by Spirit a lot of film samples pepper it making it an aural film journey which I always listen to end to end , so again the “What bit do you like best?” is irrelevant , I like all of it. Yes there are some albums that are patchy and have stand out moments , which often result in “Best Of” compilations but if you have a great album you will love every song and will love the whole album.

Then my favourite film is Tony Scott’s “True Romance”, it has so much going on and a wonderful finale , but if the rest of the film wasn’t there then the finale would mean nothing , so again it’s the film itself that is my favourite bit. I could pick out instances but why bother , I love the whole lot. The main theme "Your So Cool" by Hans Zimmer always gives me goosebumps and is an appropriation of "Gassenhauer" by Carl Orff which was used as the theme to "Badlands"

So if you every ask me what I like best about something , I am unlikely to give you an answer.

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