Unpopular opinion

Toilet paper vs Jet spray or Bidets

Unpopular opinion

Use the Jet spray – Save the environment

In these times, when least expected, there came a Virus that disrupted the entire world’s flow. We were meant to have our usual day at the office, and then meet our regular friends or just go back home, relax and chill. But the usual just took a back seat and the unusual became the norm. A complete lock down! It's like that statutory warning issued by every commercial - Stay at home or get sick! Every bumper sticker now reads, ‘Drink and revel – After all you can’t drive!’. Another Nike ad said, ‘Stay home – Just do it!’ Funny as it may be, we have geared up for a real situation. A pandemic, as they call it.

People are panicking. Everyone is finding it difficult to survive. It's not easy being home. Mall racks are getting empty. Essential commodities have become scarce. But, one thing still remains, as a debate, ‘Where are all the toilet papers?’.

I am an Asian guy who prefers his good old jet spray or bidets rather than the toilet paper. Its been in our culture to use water as a means to clean after pooping. It is essential to keep yourself clean and germ-free. I recently moved to Canada and was surprised by how people have so many options for toilet paper. I was initially disgusted with the whole idea, but survival instincts kicked in and had to make do with what I had. When in Rome…

The reason I am writing or bringing up this topic is that most of the mall racks with toilet papers are empty. People are fighting for it. I went to one of the stores to buy some, and it was – $20 for a packet of four rolls, which normally costs $2.50 at any given time of the year. It was difficult to digest and take in the whole idea of why do I need to spend so much to clean my poop. Don’t you guys think water would be a feasible option?

Ask the question to yourself. Is it really necessary to use paper to clean your ass after a good poop? Or water which is so freely available and a better option?

Research says, ‘wiping with toilet paper essentially smears your faecal matter around without actually cleaning the area. It's like stepping on dog poop and only wiping it off with paper rather than washing it off your shoe first.’ – Insider

Not only does toilet paper do a less-than-ideal job of cleaning, but the butt-wiping tool can actually lead to injury. Dry toilet paper can be abrasive, so if someone wipes too hard or too many times, the thin and delicate skin on your anus can tear, causing bleeding or pain. – Insider

“The average American goes through about three rolls of toilet paper every week” - Fortune.

Well guys, have you checked your anus and the skin beside it? I guess we never notice since it’s the least of our problems, isn’t that right?

We still need our toilet papers, don’t we now?

Giving it back to the universe

If you have been using toilet paper for the longest time, I am sure it would be difficult to shift to water altogether. But do you know in a year how many trees are cut down for toilet papers?

Yes, you saw it, the facts are right in front of you.

Now, I may not be a big celebrity endorsing water, but what if Brad Pitt made an ad statement urging the whole of America or the world to use water instead of toilet paper, would you have listened? Do you think, it would have made a difference?

Well, I guess, it isn’t a cause to raise your voice against.

But as the pandemic is making us feel its waves, we have another issue at hand, another catastrophe, empty shelves of Toilet Paper.

The world could clearly be divided here – the ones who use it VS the ones who don't.

Who are you going to vote for?

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