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Unlocking Abundance through the Correct Approach

The Power of Prayer

By Dennis Thomas IVPublished 10 months ago • 3 min read
Unlocking Abundance through the Correct Approach
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The Power of Prayer: Unlocking Abundance through the Correct Approach

Prayer has been an integral part of human existence, serving as a means to connect with the divine and seek guidance and blessings. However, many individuals find themselves disheartened when their prayers seem unanswered. In this video, Connie Mendes sheds light on the correct way to pray and manifest abundance in life. By understanding and applying the precise spiritual laws that govern the universe, we can align ourselves with the forces that create a life of blessings, achievements, and success. This article delves into the key points discussed in the video, providing valuable insights to enhance our prayer practices and attract abundance.

The Present Tense: A Powerful Affirmation

One of the fundamental reasons prayers may seem unanswered is the use of future tense words. Connie Mendes emphasizes the importance of praying in the present tense. The universe operates in an eternal present, and by affirming desires in the present tense, we align ourselves with the flow of creation. Instead of saying, "I will have," rephrase it to "I have" or "I am having." By making positive affirmations in the present, we send the information to the universe that we want it now, allowing the manifestation process to take place.

Timing and Vibration: Trust in Divine Timing

Another factor that affects the fulfillment of prayers is the insistence on a specific time frame for the desired outcomes. Connie reminds us that we must relinquish control over the timing and trust in divine timing. Just like a loaf of bread that needs to rise before baking, our desires are being prepared in the quantum world. When we let go of the need to see immediate results and maintain unwavering faith, the universe will deliver our desires when the time is right. Resonating with the right vibration is crucial, as doubt or anxiety can alter the frequency and repel what we wish to attract.

Embracing Abundance: The Power of Positive Belief

Beliefs play a significant role in attracting abundance. Often, people limit themselves, thinking that their current circumstances define their financial situation. Connie challenges this belief and encourages individuals to vibrate in a state of abundance. Abundance, like oxygen, is limitless, and we have a divine right to experience it in our lives. Instead of relying on the lottery or external factors, embrace the mindset of abundance and believe that it is possible to attract prosperity. Vibrating in abundance will magnetize financial growth and blessings into your life.

Faith and Gratitude: Keys to Miracles

Faith is the cornerstone of effective prayer. It is essential to have unwavering faith that our desires are already created in the universe and will manifest when the time is right. As Saint Paul stated, "faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things unseen." Believing before seeing is the key to unlocking miracles.

Gratitude is another powerful aspect of prayer. Expressing gratitude multiplies blessings in our lives. Each day, wake up with a thankful heart, embracing the present and expressing gratitude for all experiences. Gratitude enhances our positive vibrations and amplifies the abundance we attract.


Prayer is a potent tool to connect with the divine and manifest abundance in life. By understanding and applying the correct approach, as discussed by Connie Mendes, we can align ourselves with the spiritual laws that govern the universe. Affirming in the present tense, trusting in divine timing, embracing abundance, having faith, and expressing gratitude are essential components of an effective prayer practice. As you implement these principles in your life, you will witness the universe opening golden doors, bringing forth blessings, achievements, and success beyond your imagination. Remember, the universe listens to those who pray correctly, and it is your birthright to receive all that you desire.

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