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Types of Curtain Poles and Accessories!

by John Miller about a year ago in house
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The reason why curtain poles are popular is their versatility, they come in a range of materials and styles to perfectly suit your home.

Curtain Poles and Accessories are a common feature on the home front. Windows are often the first part of a house that is noticed by visitors and with good reason. Curtain Poles comes in many different types, colors, and materials and there are options available to match any color scheme or architectural style.

In modern homes they are normally incorporated into the iron balusters that add height to the front of the house. For more classic or classical-styled homes they can be hand crafted from either wood or metal.

Window Treatments - The best window treatments must hang below the Curtain Pole for them to be effective. They must be properly hung to prevent any drafts. It is important to get professional assistance when installing or re-arranging your window coverings. The latest window coverings are available in various widths, lengths, and colors to suit all of your needs. You can purchase custom sizes and allow the professionals to mix and match them with your existing pole coverings.

Curtain Rings - For a very romantic look, you may want to go with a curtain ring as a complement to the Curtain Poles and Accessories you already have installed. They are often hand crafted with semi-precious gemstones to compliment the light they will shed onto your rooms. The latest trends are more ornate and you may want to choose one that reflects your decor.

The most popular choices are gold crackle, gold tone, black onyx, and sterling silver. There are also many choices of rings such as the Curtain Ring with Curtain Pole by Designers Guild, Curtain Ring by Emperador, and Curtain Ring by Tortoise and Co.

Overhead Storage Lights - The next thing you will need are lights that hang above the Curtain Poles and Accents. If you have chosen any traditional designs, you will need to hang the lights from the center of the Curtain Poles and Accents. If you have chosen the latest styles, you may choose to use the modern cordless lights instead of traditional lighting.

You can choose from many different types of lights and you should consider the placement for them so that you place them at an appropriate height and so that they will not obscure any of the other windows or doors in your room. The latest in home decorating includes using decorative lights in combination with the Curtain Poles and Accents you have chosen.

Decorative Rugs and Sheets - When you have completed your Curtain Poles and Accents, you will need to accessorize them further so that they look even better. Traditional rope corded poles and wooden shepherds of different sizes must hang below the Curtain Poles and Accents. The most popular decorative rugs are the Oriental styled rugs which match beautifully with the Asian furnishings you have chosen for your room.

The next step is to choose the materials for your Curtain Poles and Accents. You may choose from a wide range of different materials such as vinyl, nylon, and aluminum. Vinyl and nylon are less expensive than the aluminum and wood poles. Aluminum and wood poles are heavier, so you should avoid using them unless you are prepared to pay extra.

The curtain rods you use for hanging your Curtain Poles and Accent Rugs must be the same size as your opening and closing your curtains from the top. A three-quarter-inchquarter inch cord or cordless cord is a good choice for all the three-inch opening and closing your curtains from the top.

For the other two-inch openings and closings, you will need an eight-inch cord. If you have chosen wood or brass poles or you have purchased your Curtain Poles and Accent Rugs after the installation is completed, it is a good idea to measure the inside dimensions of the area where you will hang them before shopping for the cords.

When you have the correct measurements and the materials you need, it is time to shop for your Curtain Poles and Accessories. Selecting the right Curtain Poles and Accent Rugs will depend on the style that you are looking for. There are modern designs that use a comb or a combination of handles on the bottom rims while there are also traditional pole designs that use a brass pole handle.

There are also many different styles of Curtain Poles and Accents. One of the most popular and stylish today is the Curtain Pole Pattern which is available in a large variety of sizes. Some of the other options available include Curtain Poles and Rugs in the following sizes:

In addition to these finishes, many manufacturers use different types of stains and varnishes to give the Curtain Poles and Accessories an individualized look. The style and design options for Curtain Poles and Accents are almost endless.

They can be hung outdoors or indoors, on porches, decks and patios. If you are looking for an outdoor accent you may want to consider buying a complete set of Curtain Poles and accessories such as the classic French doors. You can also find many more finishes including brass and ash wood poles in varying sizes, thicknesses, and colors. Whatever you are looking for, you are sure to find the right Curtain Poles and accessories to compliment your home's decor.


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