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Turning Trash Into Cash

by Angela Fosnaugh about a year ago in how to

How I Began A Successful Furniture Restoration Business.

Turning Trash Into Cash
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I love anything that’s colorful. Anything bright that catches my eye. I had always loved adding color to my home. In the past, before I made it into a cash generating business I would get things from either yard sales or thrift shops. To some I would add a few coats of paint and a few items I restored to their natural state. I did it for me, a fun hobby that added a touch of color to my home.

I remember getting a metal glider from a yard sale for 5 bucks! It needed a lot of TLC but I restored it, good as new. I painted it bright primary colors and even out in the elements it stayed pristine. It was cheap to buy and to restore.

As life went on I’d get a piece or two here and there and either keep them or give them away. They were easy to re-dress and I never really ever considered starting something that would generate revenue.

In 2016 my mother in law passed away and from her estate there were several pieces of furniture that were now sitting in my garage. We had many days of yard sales, trying to sell what was left over from the estate sale. I sat there for so many days trying to sell or even give away the very loved and worn out items.

There was a microwave cart that she loved and it was just sitting there, falling apart. No one was going to buy something that was not pleasing to the eye but I wasn’t ready to allow it to go to the fire- pit either.

Let’s just say that after so many days, boredom was setting in. I’d sit in the garage waiting for more customers that may or may not buy anything but we were trying to sell as much as possible before giving it to the thrift stores ourselves.

The microwave cart was a great piece it had just seen better days but I remember the day she got it and could finally get her microwave off the counter so it was more than just an old piece of furniture, it was a memory. It made her happy.

I started taking it all apart, I cleaned it up, fixed anything that was broken. I gave it a few coats of paint but not the previous plain white. I made it colorful enough for a kitchen but not too much in case others aren’t as bold with the colors as I am with my home furnishings.

I put it in the yard sale along with a couple smaller things that I had found to restore. Shelves and so on, anything that was made from wood, I had my eye on.

The very next day after setting it out there to be seen, it sold. It took me only a few hours to re-dress this piece and it actually turned out pretty cool. It was something that was really ready for the salvage yard yet it made one lady so excited and happy. She couldn’t wait to get it home.

One of the shelves I had found was pretty neat. I had restored several however this one in particular caught my attention as well as a girl who drove two hours- I repeat TWO hours to purchase this shelf. I had posted it on Craigslist. I actually expected the person to be a no-show but to my surprise she showed up and was ecstatic as she’d been looking for something like it for a while and couldn’t find the right one anywhere so you never know who’s looking for the exact item you have.

I’ve always been pretty creative so my creativity was sparked. I wanted more and more. Tables, chairs dressers, you name it, I began giving new life into them all.

People set out they’re old furniture all the time! I am fortunate enough to have a neighbor that also looks out for treasures for me but even thrift stores have items super cheap!

Paint is inexpensive and can really change the look of any piece and the great thing is, you can sell it and make $$, unless of course you can’t part with it. I’ve had so many pieces that I’ve done and to be honest, some I just had to keep!

As I mentioned earlier, I had posted a few items on Craigslist however the best luck I had was selling on Marketplaces. Don’t be discouraged if you have a person here and there not show. I had a few but overall my experiences were great and met many amazing people.

Once people begin to hear about the work you do, the news will spread. I had a couple show up and tell me that they heard I was the “furniture girl” and they had an entire shed full of items they wanted to get rid of. I also got a very precious piece that was given to my neighbor for me. A lady had passed away and her son wanted me to have his moms very old sewing machine. The case on it needs some love and after it was brought back to life, it was ready for its new home.

I could go on forever about my absolute love of making someone’s trash, someone else’s treasure but I’ll leave it here.

Now it’s your turn.

Get creative. Make some money. Most importantly, have fun!

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