True Story Behind Procrastination

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How can we overcome procrastination?

True Story Behind Procrastination


The word we hear 24/7 all around us.

What does it truly mean?

Google's definition of procrastination is avoiding or delaying a task that needs to be accomplished. It is the main barrier preventing us from getting up and starting our daily tasks.

However, did you know that procrastination is the one of ways we cope with challenging emotions eg depression, anxiety, PTSD?

We have all seen YouTube videos titled How to stop procrastinating? or Tip tips to survive procrastination? Let me tell you there is no method to end procrastination. Procrastination does not prevent us from being productive but it all to do with our emotions. People assume if we procrastinate, we are being lazy. Lazy people just don't do anything and are content but procrastinators want to do something but doesn't have the power to start the task. So the next time we put a task off, don't say because you are lazy.

We are not because we find ourselves completing trivial activities. Relaxing is not procrastination. Relaxing recharges us with energy whilst procrastination drains the energy from us. Sadly, the less energy we have, the more stressed we become resulting in us putting off our responsibilities.

In a study term, procrastination is seens as a self protection because you always have an excuse of not having enough time. When there is so much pressure lurking around, we tend to lean towards procrastination to save us.

People procrastinate because there is a lack of self discipline. There are always distractions and it is up to us to discipline ourselves and focus on the task set. However, in order to be disciplined, we need to have the correct motivation and maintain positive habits. There are different types of motivation:

- Extrinsic motivation is where we involve rewards in order to force ourselves to work but forcing ourselves to do what we don't want to can make us less happy and our brain release less dopamine.

- Goal based motivation is where we set goals which gives us the drive but what do we do when we complete the goals?

- Intrinsic motivation is when people see the purpose in their actions and we have a personal vision. However, it focuses more on actions than results.

It may seem I am just listing loads of facts but I want you guys to understand the story behind procrastination. As I said you can not stop procrastination but we can overcome it instead.

How do we overcome procrastination

1. Notice what is making you procrastinate and the purpose it serves in your life. How does it make you feel when you procrastinate?

2. Make a to do list but do not overload yourself with so many tasks. Start with two tasks and build yourself up

3. Be realistic with your goals and be specific. Instead of saying, 'I am going to revise Biology.' say 'I am going to study chapter 6 of Biology'

4. Don't make a schedule that you have to stick to but instead make it flexible so that way you can slot anything in. This can reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed and increase satisfaction.

5. Remove any distractions like your phone. Don't put it where you can see. You can even give it to your parents if you don't trust yourself.

6. Complete the HARD TASKS first because the more you delay it, the more harder it will be for you to focus and tackle it.

7. Try using the Pomodoro Technique. Work for 25 minutes and take a 5 minute break. When you complete 4 pomodoros, take an extended break. Using this technique will make sure you focus on the tasks set and you complete it. It prevents you getting tired very easily.

Try and implement one of these in your lives and see the changes it makes.

Thank you for reading xox

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