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Treadmill Workout

How to continue working out and get back in shape as my New Year's Resolution...

Treadmill Workout
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I have spent a lot of time in the year 2020 as a couch potato, sitting around when I should be more active. Ever since the current Coronavirus pandemic started, I have been working from home and slowly getting a lot more and more sedentary. I think that is true for most of us after we spent most of our time in our houses, but it was something I've only been paying attention to recently. This has also been an issue as a temperature gets colder. During the warmer months of the pandemic, I would - at the very least - walk around outside and get some exercise at the very least. Now that it is cold outside during these freezing winter months, I've spent most of my time sitting indoors and watching Netflix in my free time when I am not doing my job. Because of this, I am currently about 15 pounds overweight. That is all going to change for this new year.

The first step I took to my New year's resolution for a healthier me is buying a treadmill. This treadmill was something I was able to get from Dick's sporting goods that could fit in my house. It is called the Horizon Fitness T101. With its 2.5 horsepower motor, it can go up to 10 mph when it comes to speed. Its settings are good for jogging and great for running. The only thing that doesn't really work about the treadmill is the fan which is pretty much non-functional, but is still in perfect working order and I can pretty much work with everything else. Buying his treadmill was pretty much an entire ordeal. I had to order it online and drive about 50 miles to the store through a decent amount of traffic before loading it into the back of the car. After I got home, it was a decently long process to assemble the thing. I needed help from my brother and my father and a friend to build the thing but after a few hours, I had a fully working piece of exercise equipment that I can use to get a little less tubby.

Currently, I'm working on running at least 3 miles on this treadmill for at least 4 days a week every week. That is the bare minimum amount of exercise I want to do, but I can do more if I feel like it. After work, I get on the treadmill and jog about 3 miles on it before recording it on my phone so I can know how much I have progressed. Basically every week, I need to get at least 12 miles worth of exercise, hopefully more if I am feeling particularly sporty. I need to keep this up for the rest of the year so I can be able to get myself in shape.

Whether you are trying to do something like I'm trying to accomplish or not, it is good to try to keep yourself fit, especially during these times when people are mostly confined to their house. Even if you can't afford to get yourself a treadmill, it is still good to try to find ways to workout. You can try doing some push-ups while watching a show on television or doing some sit-ups. Occasionally, even after I do some running on the treadmill, I try doing some jumping jacks and stretches afterwards as my cool down. It is up to us to keep our own bodies in shape and prevent this time quarantined from the rest of the world from destroying our bodies. Hopefully I can do that for myself by continuing this workout regimen and not straying.

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