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Top 5 Ways To Build Your Resiliency To Cope Better During The Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID-19 Is Happening & We All Need Resilience To Cope - Top 5 Tactics To Use

By Holly AbidiPublished 3 years ago 8 min read
Hope will see us through.

COVID-19 struck across the globe very quickly and life changed forever. We soon understood we were all faced with a new type of turmoil and fear. Nothing quite like this had happened before, certainly not in my lifetime. Our lives were turned upside down. There was no normal anymore, just like the snap of your fingers.

Globally we were all struggling to figure out what to do, what was happening, what we were supposed to do? We still are.

The once "normal" was just gone. Nobody could console themselves by turning a blind eye saying, "Oh it's somewhere else that it's happening. So I am fine".

This mass global outbreak impacts us all. With the outbreak came many "end of the world" fears and anxieties the minute we understood this was happening right now!

As things progressed and we all hankered down and transitioned to being at home and keeping in isolation, we relied on each other even more to keep informed and keep in touch. We all understood and could relate to the intense emotions and fears gripping at everyone - because you had them too.

Everyone was reaching out and connecting and checking on others, supporting and caring when it was needed most. I seen many posts on Facebook just to send out some humor and it helped.

It was nice to have a laugh or enjoy a moment to calm the anxieties you were feeling about the pandemic. It was something that could make you take a deep breathe, and feel like we can get through this - together.

Also, the countless people that sprung into selfless action taking care of those that were in need: the doctors, the government departments, news outlets, media posts, and organizations across the globe all working tirelessly.

Really, there are many unsung heroes pitching in all over the world. Certainly, we all are so grateful to the front-line workers: the healthcare workers, testing and labs, support staff, call center's. Everywhere, everyone is pitching in to help.

That’s resiliency and that's coping.

I remember I went to work, not really knowing what to expect. It was as if we were trying to go to the office, hoping for something normal, when in fact, it was far from it.

Seeing the highways empty, the city like a ghost town, it just made it all that much more surreal and you couldn't help feeling intense anxiety. Part of me couldn't believe this was happening. We were also told to not leave the building alone in case some danger was posed. Images of downtown riots and pillage came to mind. Would we have this happen? Would it get to that level? There were so many uncertainties, and it was scary. Even with all this going on we should have our faith in humanity restored, we have all hankered down, are waiting it out, and we can work together to keep going. That sure sounds like resiliency to me.

I experienced anxiety as is natural for anyone, and I experienced some of it first hand. Normally, the pet store where I go has a lot of stock so the space in some places are limited. The store was following the rules, only allowing a few customers in at a time and applying all the COVID protocol. The store had put squares where everyone can wait in line. One lady, whom was elderly, asked my husband in a stern authoritative voice to move back saying, "Social distancing please!

I was a bit taken aback by this, since we were not breaking any rules. We were in our appropriate spot. At least trying to follow all the new protocol and making sure we were doing the right thing. Perhaps, it was this ladies anxiety speaking. We backed up a bit more. Even though I knew I was following the rules and trying to ensure I don't come to close to anyone. So the point is we are all suffering, and some with more real anxieties than others.

I thought more than I should about that elderly lady at the pet store. I can't imagine being her age and feeling like everywhere you go, you are at risk and could get sick and ultimately die. It's like suddenly the world around her was a danger itself.

Certainly, she had every right to voice her opinion. Perhaps, not considering others around her, rather I got a clear sense it was her right in her mind and she was protecting herself. I believe this is a new worldly anxiety we are facing and will face for a long time. The message is still the same, we need to be compassionate and kind to others. To realize that everyone is going through a lot right now. This too is a mindset that can help us cope.

We now are experiencing where our "normal" world is no longer. That everywhere you go could potentially be a risk of exposure. Going forward will not be an easy one by far.

Top 5 Ways To Build Your Resiliency

Infographic by: Holly Abidi

So in this way we have to remind everyone and continue to remind them that there is help out there. There are resources. You do not have to be alone in the struggles. It's now more than ever that we rely on a virtual world to connect us, console us, and join us together in our fight toward resiliency. This virtual world has proven that we are resilient and we can find ways to cope and connect.

You don't have to be alone and feel isolated. There are Facebook groups too to connect with others and even make new friends. Sometimes enjoying a chat with someone can be rewarding, especially if it takes your mind of things and gives you a bit of humor to brighten your day.

Virtual world's have saved us in that we able to work and keep in touch with co-workers and family and friends in this manner. We cannot expect to ever go back to being "normal" in some ways. Isolation and the practices our society will adapt can make one feel alienated.

So it's up to us all to strive to be connected, because being alone and living with fear, is not the right way. We have a duty to help others in this, with a more humanitarian view being adapted, we can console and help others cope. Namely, by reaching out and supporting others. It is needed now more than ever, and we can do this collectively.

Resilience is the key word, but what does that even mean? What can you do to be more resilient and cope better? Here are some key tips you can use to help anyone you know. Share them with your family and friends to. The more we have a tool-kit of options the better we are to take those positive and stable steps forward.

Remember these 5 tactics can help:

1. Embrace Coping - If you feel you are not coping well, learn to, seek some help or resources. That leads into the next best tactic.

2. Know you are not alone, nor do you have to be - reach out and talk about how you feel, if isolation makes you lonely, feel panic, or depressed - whatever it is know that there are way you can get help in your community.

3. Be kind - we have shown already how compassion and kindness can brighten the world in the face of great calamity. Let's carry that torch forward.

4. Know what you can control, and what is simply out of your control - when we realize this sometimes we are able to reflect and understand our own fears, anxieties, and look at the situation in a less reactive way.

Sometimes in life we are stuck with something you cannot control, so we must learn to be resilient and adaptable to overcome this. This leads me to the most important point of all...

4. Take a deep breath - we need to try to relax and calm ourselves in order to understand the situation. We need to be proactive as best we can be making sure we are following protocol, keeping our distance, washing our hands, NOT touching our face excessively, and creating that self-awareness, being kind, and most of all practicing self-care, breathe, and make sure we are able to take time for ourselves.

We will always feel this anxiety about our world and society and its interactions. Gladly, we are slowly trying staged steps to return to a functional state for business and operations.

Nonetheless, this new anxiety we all have will remain with us for a long time. So it is now more than ever we can prove we are resilient and we will help each other out so we can get through this.

This just goes without saying. We are stronger together.

This is yet another chance to connect with others and feel supported in our struggle through this.

To share our resiliency and help others cope with reading inspiring stories, is an inspiration we can all feel good about.

I can't stress enough, the word together.


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